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The answers that caused Pat Sajak to ‘lose it’ on Wheel of Fortune

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HONOLULU, Hawaii — Pat Sajak has heard hundreds of thousands of off-the-wall guesses during his time as host of “Wheel of Fortune.” But has he ever heard two guesses — so bizarre — that he walked off the set?

Here’s the set-up:

  • The category — “What are you doing?”
  • The letter ‘N’ was on the board.

One contestant guessed “Riding a brown horse” to which Sajak replied “That’s amazing! And it’s wrong!”

Then it was the next contestant’s turn.

“Riding a white horse!” they said.

Sajak lost it.

“Who said anything about a horse?!” he yelled to the giggling contestants.

So what was the final answer?

“Seeing a buddy movie.”


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