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Bob McDonnell appears in public to greet veterans at Virginia War Memorial

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Bob McDonnell at Virginia War Memorial

RICHMOND, Va. — In a rare public appearance since his conviction on federal corruption charges, former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell attended an event where a significant media presence was expected. McDonnell greeted veterans and their families at the annual Veterans Day ceremony at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond.

The former governor spent more than two hours at the event speaking with veterans.

“We’re pulling for you,” Col. Don Kaiserman, Virginia Council of Chapters president, told McDonnell during their brief conversation.

“I have a few bumps still to go through,” McDonnell replied.

Bob McDonnell greets Col. Don Kaiserman

Bob McDonnell greets Col. Don Kaiserman during the Veterans Day ceremony at the Virginia War Memorial.

“Military service is a big part of his family and his life and he’s always found it incredibly important to honor and salute those who serve or have served before,” McDonnell’s former spokesman Tucker Martin said when asked about his old boss’s public appearance. “It’s an important issue to him and so it makes sense to me that he would quietly attend today’s events to pay his respects to our nation’s veterans.”

The former governor is scheduled to be sentenced January 6. In September, a jury found him guilty on 11 of 13 corruption-related charges.

He was accompanied at the War Memorial ceremony by his longtime aide and former cabinet secretary Janet Kelly.

Former First Lady Maureen McDonnell was not spotted at the event. Maureen McDonnell was convicted on nine of 13 counts. Her sentencing is scheduled for February 20.


  • Robbie

    Nothing like a photo op by a convicted felon/politician looking for leniency from the courts. Did nothing for 4 years except take bribes for himself and his children. His wife was capable of taking her own bribes. This is pathetic at best.

    • Lisa Thomas

      For anyone to say that Bob McDonnell did nothing as governor of VA is absolutely ignorant! He created more jobs than another other Gov in recent history! Only a person who as no knowledge of what is going on in the state of VA could make such an unsupported statement! That is what is wrong with our country people dont want to take the time to research or validate anything, they let the media be their conscious and they just spew hate and prejudice.

  • Same old same old

    Did he ever serve personally? I know that one of his daughters worked for a defense contractor, CACI — the Abu Ghraib people. But this article doesn’t say that he was accompanied by any family member who may have served. Really, this smells more like a political stunt to me. Either that or he’s looking for sympathy before he starts serving his time.

    • Lisa Thomas

      Again, where have you people been for the last 8 years. This man ran for attorney general and then governor and you have no idea if he ever served in the military? Then you have the nerve to say its a political stunt? You are ignorant!!!!!

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