Infant dies after she’s left in hot car

Man struck by train was Liberty University student

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LYNCHBURG, Va. – An investigation is underway after a Liberty University student was killed and a woman was injured after they were struck by a train Saturday afternoon in Lynchburg.

WDBJ reports that witnesses said a group of people was hanging out on the tracks when the train approached around 4:15 p.m.

Jonathan Gregoire, of Wilbraham, Massachusetts died at the scene.

Victoria Bridges, of Newport News was transported to Lynchburg General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Julie Burgess, who has lived in the area for years, told WSET that this type of accident happens all too often.

“It’s kind of becoming a problem with you know the children and the teenagers that want to come up here and get on the railroad track,” Burgess said. “They’re pretty much playing Russian roulette with their life.”

Norfolk Southern officials said the group was trespassing on a train trestle when a freight train bound for Manassas, Va. struck the victims.

Officials are still investigating, but do not suspect foul play.


  • E Marshall Buckles

    To those commenting here, yes, Liberty University students, generally speaking, ARE of higher moral and ethical standards that the general population. Even so, some do get pushed to go there by their parents who are hopeful that Liberty will have a good effect on them after they have been discipline problems before getting there. . That happens at other Christian colleges and universities as well as at some military schools. Also, some Liberty students, like other students at other colleges and universities, like to go out hiking and camping. Sometimes accidents happen when people are out on the trails. God does give us a brain and expects us to use it. A lot of people, no matter what their religion or educational institution, actually don’t realize that railroad tracks have a “no trespassing” policy. The reason for that is accidents like the above. If you do something like cross a railroad bridge or go into a railroad tunnel or underpass, you’d either better be a good and fast runner or you’d better know the train schedule. Those trains move very fast, in between cities and towns, and they cannot stop very quickly. And, as I suggest above, this sort of accident, as well as other accidents, have happened to students at other schools, colleges and universities as well. People who oppose Christianity tend to “have their radar out” for anything involving Liberty University and go “:AHA!” when anything happens involving Liberty. I have investigated Liberty University very careful, in depth, and I assert that it IS a truly Christian university, is regionally accredited and has other accreditation, and does a wonderful job of educating many students as well as providing a moral environment in which to learn.

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