Suspect in Central Virginia crime spree confesses on camera

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Vonzell Bandy is behind bars at Henrico Jail West.

The man accused of carrying out a crime spree in Central Virginia made a confession on camera Wednesday and has something to say to the people he victimized.

"Everything just hit the fan, man, my back was against the wall,” Bandy said. “I didn't know what to do."

Bandy says that's the best way he can describe his life spiraling out of control. "I've messed up my life," he said.

Police say the father of two can be seen in surveillance video from a Hanover Shell station during a robbery on Halloween. They also say he’s been linked to a stolen truck in Caroline County. Richmond Police say he led police on a chase in the city after hitting a police car Tuesday.

And Henrico detectives have charged Bandy with shoplifting and a purse snatching.

Police say a woman’s purse was stolen on October 22nd outside a Dollar Tree on Route 1 near Virginia Center Commons. That woman said off-camera Wednesday night that it was a horrifying ordeal to be held up at knifepoint.

The accused apologized during his conversation with CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett.

"It's unfortunate how things transpired,” said Bandy. “I hope you guys can get your lives back in order and I'll have plenty of time to get mine in order. I hope they forgive me and I hope god forgives me."

The victim said she doesn’t want to hear Bandy’s apology or explanation.

Bandy remains locked up with no bond.

He insisted over and over Wednesday that he never meant to harm anyone.


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