Shopper attacked after telling mom to quiet her screaming child

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COLMA, Calif. — A California woman was attacked outside a Nordstrom Rack store after telling a mother to quiet her screaming child.

Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson told KPIX she was punched in the face after telling the mother to quiet down her child, who was throwing a tantrum inside the store.

Hajek-Richardson was checking out when the child, under 6 years old, began throwing a loud tantrum.

“It didn’t bother me that the child was throwing the tantrum, but the volume was very loud, it was hurting my ears,” she said.

Hajek-Richardson said she asked the child’s mother to quiet the child down.


“She came to the side of me and told me not to tell her child what to do. And I told her that I didn’t ask your child what to do, I asked you very nicely to calm down your child just a little bit,” she said.

Hajek-Richardson then apparently got into a heated exchange with the mother. She said she then told the mom off.

“I told her to go to hell and she told me I’ll see you there,” she said.

When Hajek-Richardson left the store, the mother apparently followed her to her car where the two again exchanged words.

“She was asking me, ‘Where’d you tell me to go?’ So I repeated again what I said to her, and I told her that I told her to go to hell,” she said.

The surveillance video shows the woman, wearing a red shirt, walking toward Hajek-Richardson prior to the attack.

Hajek-Richardson claims she was punched twice in the face. Police are still working to identify the woman in the video.


  • Slawson

    I once asked someone why they were parked in a “handicapped” parking zone with no sticker, tag or dangling do-hickie (my Mother – at the time needed such a space) and the two young girls had a cow and started berating me – telling me it wasn’t my business and using the “F” word and making a major scene. I said “well I guess you do need the spot since you’re mental!” They really got P.O’d but kept walking, but I was ready for them to rumble! They didn’t move the car . . . so I reported it and left. Hope they got towed!

  • Just thinking

    I have to agree with her, some Mothers think it is all right to let their kids act like brats and scream without smacking that butt. I had 5 children and never had that kind of trouble. You have to teach your child how to act. The Mother had no manner either, other wise she would of left it alone

    • Tamika

      it’s ignorance like this that really pisses me off. I am the mother of a child with autism, and this is typical behavior for a child like that. I’ve also gotten those screams and judgmental stares because my child doesn’t “look” like anything may be wrong with him. you are always on the outside looking in, and you really have no clue. the entire time that you’re staring at us and looking as if we are unfit parents with out of control children, what’s really going on is the meltdown of a child with sensory issues. learn to be less judgmental and this world will be a much better place!!smh

      • wilber tony

        Yeah, learn to be less judgmental. That way we don’t have to learn to be more considerate. Why should we have to restrain our childrens behavior when you should just understand.

      • jenny

        Wilbur Tony, your very response says you DONT understand and you don’t care to. An autistic child cannot usually be reasoned with, depending on the severity of the autism, so there is no restraining the child’s behavior all of the time. This happened at the checkout so it could be that the mom just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. Rather than fuss with the mother for not controlling her child, the other woman could have offered to help out, asking if there was anything she could do to speed up the process of checking out. Yes, people should be more understanding and compassionate: if they were, this world would be a much nicer place to live in. You don’t sound like someone who has kids with the remark you made, so you have no right to even open your mouth. If you DO or have had kids, I pity them. You need to grow up.

      • Buttt__Phucking__Susan

        There is a cure for autism, it’s called”spank_that_ass”. With a name like Tamika I imagine you live in section 8 housing. There’s an epidemic of “autism” in section 8 housing.

  • Kisha

    Henry that was just not a nice comment. I’m black and my kids have manners and would not try to act up all. I do have a friend that has a child with autism and he acts out often I just offer to help. Its just nice if you would stick to the subject matter and not talk about who was black or white.

  • informed cynic

    well behaved or not children act out sometimes, she was at a store checking out, not at a restaurant eating dinner -she should be happy punched is all she got. People are effing crazy now adays bet she learns to shut her mouth from now on.

  • notademorat

    Next time the thugs in the clown car pull up beside her with the loud obnoxious music to loud hopefully she will tell them to turn it down, a little please……. haha hahaha. Stupid liberal woman

  • David

    First off, even if the child was autistic she should have explained that to the young lady before she proceeded to tel her what not to do. A simple “I’m sorry my child has autism it happens sometimes” would have been sufficient. Second, nowhere in the report does it say the child had autism so that’s irrelevant. Lastly, assuming the child indeed did have autism, there was no reason for the lady to continue to follow her out to her car and assault her, the young lady asked politely…and what does her being liberal have to do with anything?

    • Frederica Brown

      You DO NOT HAVE to explain anything! FOLKS NEED to mind the own business! Im sorry i saw a 12 year old lying on the floor of Wal-Mart 1 night & they had called the police to make him get off the floor. This was his version of a tantrum! I saw an embarrassed mom trying to explain to strangers at the Walmart that this happens all the time. That was not my business & me going over t\o tell her “I would beat him & make him get if I were you” would have been out of order on my part!AGAIN ,FOLKS NEED to mind their own & stop being so judgmental. I wouldn’t have have hit the stupid HEFFA , but she would have gotten the CUSS OUT!
      OK, I’m off my soapbox!

  • Jenna

    Whoever made the ignorant comment about the woman with “black name” living in government housing is a real classy person I believe they were called “ButtPhuker” kids of all socioeconomic statuses cry in public. Go read a book loser.

    • Jenna

      And Ms. Richmond , don’t be racist. I have seen bad and good black parents as well as white parents… Don’t stoop to that guys level

  • Ms. Richmond

    Kisha forget what that fool said. He wrong. Black people know how to train their children. It is the white moms that let their disrespectful kids go crazy in stores

  • Frederica Brown

    Absolutely NONE or HER BUSINESS! If someone’s child is throwing a tantrum the last thing thst parent needs is your ADVICE! I hate when strangers try to tell people to control their kids. If your ears were hurting leave the area you dumb poo poo!

  • Tina Taylor

    people just don’t have the respect they used to show anymore. carry a small toy or something that can change the child’s temper in the diaper bag. you may need to stop and rock the child. it is not easy to always leave them home with someone, I know. telling the mother to go to hell and the beating were both unnecessary.

  • DonBee

    How would you like to be at late dinner on a cruise ship and having a sreaming little child acting up and his mother just ignoring the situation. I wanted to punch her in the face, twice.

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