Protect yourself against default

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RICHMOND, Va - Executive Director Christie Smith, of Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond, Inc., visited the studio to talk about their quarterly Empower Yourself Against Default Workshop. The initiative allows confidential access to housing counseling and homeownership resources to provide education to understand homeownership and alternatives to foreclosure. The event is Saturday, November 8th from 9am to 5pm on J. Sargent Reynolds Campus, located at 1651 East Parham Road. For more information you can visit online at



  • Manalishi

    “Protect yourself against default” Why is it so hard to for some people to understand the importance of paying your damned bills? It seems the basic principles of spending less than you make escapes the under developed mind. People should be tested on the basics of personal finance before they are allowed receive credit of any kind. Then hold people accountable for every penny. Start training and testing in high school if need be. This would seriously reduce the amount of bankruptcies and charge offs as well as default expenses. Chapter 7 & 13 would no longer be an avenue of vanity spending and the housing bubble would have crippled our economy.

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