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Argument over hot wings leads to mother, daughter brawl at birthday party

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A woman is in jail and her daughter is due in juvenile court after a disagreement over hot wings turned into a brawl, said the teen’s father.

Angel Murphy, 45, and the family were celebrating the birthday of another daughter when the skirmish occurred.

“It’s about some hot wings,” said Louis Primer, the 13-year-old girl’s father, to WREG.

The teen asked for more hot wings, but there were none left. And Primer said his daughter wasn’t supposed to have any more wings anyway, because doctors wanted her to have testing done, thinking she might have diabetes.

His wife reportedly also reminded the daughter that it wasn’t her birthday. That’s when the teen tried to attack the sibling whose birthday it was, the police report said.

And Murphy intervened, which led to a physical fight with the teen girl. The police report said Murphy was punched in the head.

It seems as if Murphy had reached the end of the rope, and she reportedly told police that she is tired of caring for her kids.

Officers tried to take her into custody, but the police report said she pushed an officer.

Her daughter tried to defend her, and the police report said she also came towards officers aggressively and was taken into custody.

Murphy had to be subdued with pepper spray, according to the report. She was taken to jail and police issued a juvenile summons for her daughter.

Primer said Murphy is a good parent. “She spends her time on the children, spends her money on the children, gets the house fixed up,” he said.

He also said his daughter’s medication might have contributed to the outburst.


    • manlishi

      We can see that Ms. Richmond struggles with reality. Memphis is vastly non redneck, but correctly parasitic of the food stamp system. Now if you would have viewed the snippet, you would have known that this is just a normal story of fried chicken and violence. Democrats are all the same.

      • Paula

        There goes mashmouth Manlishl again with that six grade education saying the only big word he know (democrat). Please come up with more words. Maybe you can learn the word stupid. Repeat after me. I am stupid. Now don’t that feel good.

  • mrsjonesva

    Why were the live trying g to take the mother into custody?! She was breaking up a fight between her kids and got hit in the head. Why approach the mom the daughter was clearly the aggressor. Mom should not have been locked up!

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