Richmond teen found ‘bloody and naked’ last month connected to Philadelphia abduction case

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CHARLES CITY COUNTY, Va. – A Richmond teen found  bloody and naked in Charles City, police said, is connected to the recent Philadelphia abduction case.

Video surveillance captured the abduction of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither; a man grabbed her and dragged her down a street in Philadelphia, on Sunday, Nov. 2.

Freeland-Gaither tussled on the ground with her abductor but was forced into a four-door vehicle. Just before the vehicle pulled away, she broke out one of the passenger side windows, police said. Her glasses and cell phone were found dropped onto the road.

On Wednesday, after the victim’s ATM card was used at a bank in Aberdeen, Maryland, an arrest was made. Freeland-Gaither has injuries, but is in “good shape” and “she is talking,” according to FBI special agent in charge Ed Hanko.

carleesha 2

Carleesha Freeland-Gaither

Authorities identified the suspect as 37-year-old Delvin Barnes, who is currently held in Jessup, Md. on a warrant based out of Charles City County.

Police confirmed Wednesday night that Barnes, who worked at the Community Pride Supermarket on Mechanicsville Turnpike and has a criminal past in Richmond, was identified as a suspect in the abduction and rape of a Richmond teen. At this time police are not sure if she was abducted from Henrico or Richmond.

A 16- year-old girl was reported missing by her family in Richmond Oct 1, police said. Two days later, on Oct. 3, the teenager showed up at a Charles City County business on Route 106, according to Cpt. Jason Crawley.

The teen was naked, bleeding and covered in burns reeking of bleach and gasoline, Cpt. Crawley said.

When police ran DNA, they got a hit with Barnes, who already had an extensive criminal history in the Richmond and Philadelphia area, police said. That evidence came back on Oct. 28, police said.

PHOTO: Delvin Barnes (Charles City County)

PHOTO: Delvin Barnes

Barnes had a recent July 14 charge in Richmond court, for a bomb burn threat that was dropped. Just four days before DNA would peg Barnes as a suspect in the sexual assault and abduction of a teenager, his case in Richmond was finalized before a judge.

CBS 6 asked police why no public notification was distributed that Barnes’ was a wanted man. Police said strategically they did not want to alert Barnes that they were actively looking for him. They also wanted to protect the victim.

Then on Nov. 2, Freeland-Gaither was seen on video being kidnapped in Philadelphia. Law enforcement sources tell CBS 6 that family phoned in a tip that the car shown in the Philadelphia surveillance video belonged to Barnes.

The Virginia charges against Barnes are attempted capital murder, abduction, forcible rape, malicious wounding, malicious wounding with a chemical, and intimate object penetration.

The business where the teen was found was two miles away from Barnes' home.

CBS 6 reporter Chelsea Rarrick spoke with Barnes’ father. He did not wish to do an on camera interview, but said he "is glad the victim is found," and that his thoughts were with her and her family.

"He's a vicious predator, he's off the streets and hopefully he will be in jail for the rest of his life," said the Philadelphia Police Commissioner at a press conference earlier Wednesday.


  • Leigh

    I find it incrèdible that this was not made known to the public! I live very close to this location in Charles City and feel we should have been warned about this predator!

    • Jamie

      It was not reported because news coverage from stations like TV 6 only report gossip and worthless propaganda. You would have thought they would have let others know to assist if possible. No instead they run around with their cameras and report junk. Shame on you TV 6. What happened to helping the people of the Commonwealth. You are as bad as Esquire magazine,

  • Kelly

    “Extensive criminal history” why was this animal even out amongst us? I agree, the public should have been notified. I don’t think he was smart enough to elude the police much longer Bleach and gas… What a monster .

  • Doyle Hargraves

    Sounds like the local cops here, didn’t take this case to seriously until it went national. I don’t think they didn’t release any info, because they didn’t want to tip him off. He obviously had to have known cops would be looking for him after the abduction here. I wonder how hard they really tried to find him. If the first victim had been a pretty rich white girl abducted from Short Pump or VCU, he would have been as good as locked up. Philly would have never happened. If we had some real reporting around here, a cover-up would be unearthed for sure.

  • big baby

    hey kenny…/they do, people like u always have a comment when its a black person but when its a white person the comment board is clean….whats up with that sounds cowardly ,and we all know that pedophile is just another way to say white male

  • SophiaC

    You may have been watching too much tv and believing the hype of the media outlets. A very closed minded person would lump most people in the category. Most black people I know do not excuse negative behavior. 85% of black people don’t take responsibility for their actions – is quite ignorant. At least that is probably what you would want to believe – and where you’re from you probably believe that you’re superior.
    God Help You!

  • the dude

    my thing is why it seems some whites seem to spend so much time focusing on black people, i mean spewing stats, really they can tell u everything wrong with blacks, what they need to do but don’t know a single one. never seen a majority so concerned with the minority…………….go figure..

  • wiseman

    Big Baby Keenhead Kenny is just like a lot of the other on here that is a racist animal. You are right when it is a white person you don’t have so many comment. We know that white people crimes are worse but it don’t be reported.

  • SophiaC

    Thanks to public who got involved reporting the suspect to the police…And much gratitude to the FBI & police departments that were involved in apprehending Barnes!
    Hope that Delvin Barnes spends the rest of his life in jail, a vicious animal.
    Very, very happy that Carlesha is safe now – her family has to be overjoyed.

    • Kelly

      Great comment. Tired of trying to read between the lines of “blacks do this/whites do that” Really people?? Two women were abducted, raped and tortured. Does it really matter what Color he was? A monster is a monster. They come in all colors.

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