Shoplifting suspects had children in tow at Broad Street Target

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Henrico police said two bold criminals set their sights on hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise at the Target on West Broad Street.

Shaquanna Becoat and Nashae Stovall allegedly tried to walk away the stolen merchandise while police were inside the store.

Police said Becoat and Stovall  pulled suitcases off the shelves, filled them with clothes, toiletries and cosmetics, then put the suitcases in a shopping cart and attempted to push them out of the store.


Some shoppers at the West Broad Street Target were floored to hear about Thursday night’s arrests. Olivia Laughter, who works inside the Starbucks at Target and was there when the arrests were made, said it is something she’s seen before.

“I’ve seen a few people get arrested for stealing before. The Loss Prevention people will catch them. I have seen a mom stopped for stealing with kids before,” Laughter said.

Others said what’s even more disturbing to them is that police report a 3-year-old and 6-year-old were with the two women. Police said the children belong to one of the women.


Retail Merchants Association member Kevin Reardon of Franco’s Fine Clothier said headlines like these always highlight the negative impact that shoplifting has on businesses and customers.

“Someone has to pay for that loss. That cost is passed along,” Reardon explained.

Every year across the United States, stores see more than thirteen billion dollars in losses due to shoplifters, according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention.

Reardon said they prosecuted a shoplifter just this week and that it is an issue that’s always top of mind.

“We’ve become more proactive in the last year…installing cameras…can monitor what goes on in our store from our office,” Reardon added.


Court documents show both women were arrested and released on bond. They’re due in court Nov. 3.


  • Ron Melancon

    You want the facts? Over 50 of all shoplifters are on welfare and food stamps and over 30% use their kids to do it. At Hechts we targeted strollers and parents who had kids with strollers…. Why because only idiots didn’t know they were thieves. You had the BS lies they told when we caught them.

    • NRVA2

      So, by your own admission, most shoplifters are poor, low-income people, though I think those statistics are probably inaccurate (source, please)? When poor people steal, they get jail. When rich people steal, they get therapy. So poor people steal… news flash. What about wealthy people who steal for the fun of it? Be careful that you don’t concentrate too much on “welfare mothers” and let shoplifters like Winona Ryder and Amanda Bynes slip right past you.

  • Ron Melancon

    Let lame guess these two are going to vote for Mark Warner and the sad thing they will be out of jail to vote for idiots and these two will find a way to blame President Bush

    • PT

      You sound like a dumb a$$ Ron!!! These two thieves stole out of Target, how in the h3ll did you get to your conclusion? Just continue to worry about how big rigs are dangerous and not the drivers of the cars you dumb a$$!!! I don’t condone stealing but you’re always bytching!!! You don’t need to look at the news!!

    • Glen Allen

      Haha, can’t blame this on any politician, but I would bet these two have done this before, I bet they will do it again, and I bet the kids will be with them next time too. The economy is getting stronger and stronger each week, and there are help wanted signs at many of the local stores, there is no reason for this. These women need to keep their legs crossed or use birth control, because the men they choose are obviously not helping them enough.

      • athynz

        The pot calling the kettle black.”

        How so? Perhaps you are new here and aren’t familiar with Ron’s posting history or my own. This isn’t a snap judgment of Ron but a observation of many of his posts.

    • N2RVA

      the solution is sentence both to work 40 hours a week with pay and pay court costs and fines for a period of supervised probation, don’t you agree? A win-win scenario that gets these women on a job and at the same time teaches them how to make appropriate decisions. The merchandise was returned so there is no restitution that is required. If these woman are introduced to working for a living and have income to actually take care of themselves and their children, it would change their lives.

    • bmujahid

      Not really sure what Trayvon Martin or the young woman who you compared to a banana-eating primate have to do with a case of two shoplifters. I assume also that you don’t like bananas since you used it to insult the women in this article. I can only conclude that you used this article as an opportunity to anonymously express your dislike and hatred for certain groups.

      • Spewing Poo

        If I ever do decide to kill myself I’ll be sure to take a 100 of your kind with me so you will have something else to whine about.

  • Ms. Richmond

    Ron with the running mouth everyone here seen to want to slap you in your mouth. You are so stupid. Bussiness men steal also. They take money from their company so it NOT just people on we are you dumb jack###. Don’t forget your mom was on we are after your dad left all of you.

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