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Mother of child seen hanging from hook in Facebook photo regrets picture

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Eighteen-year-old Alexis Breeden was charged with felony child abuse after investigators initiated an investigation into the image.

“I regret taking the picture, even putting him up there… I really do,” Breeden said.

10-31-14 Hook Baby pic

Alexis Breeden and her son picking out a pumpkin.

Breeden said she loves her son to death, and would do everything in her power to make sure he is healthy.

“All it was, was to be a joke. He was laughing…put it in his baby book,” Breeden said.

Breeden contacted CBS 6 in an attempt to clear the air after reading numerous messages on social media sites bashing her and her parenting skills.

“I didn’t do anything and I never will do anything to hurt my son. My son was not hurt at all,” Breeden said.

In fact, Breeden said she is allowed to be with her son now, as long as someone else is with her.

The young mother said she is confident that when a judge hears her side of the story, her baby will not be taken from her.

“That would probably be the worst thing you could ever do is take a child from its mother,” Breeden said.

Still, she worries because she knows the image has caused quite a stir.

“I will be so nervous. I will be shaking every night because I mean it does, it looks like a horrible picture, but it’s not,” Breeden said.

Breeden will be in court for her arraignment on November 13.


    • Janet Ticklebottom

      She needs you Souther Gent, you can show her the finer thannngs in life if you know what I mean ;0 ;)……… give her the d

    • C. Sense

      She regrets the PICTURE, she does not regret the ACTION. She has only defended it, saying the child wasn’t hurt (although he was visibly distressed and crying). She only regrets the backlash from the picture being shown in public. This is a person with a criminal history of violence and impulse control problems. She is beyond ignorant and therefore she cannot comprehend why the public is so angry about her idiotic idea of “humor” that could have resulted in her child choking to death!

  • Barbara

    Im The Great Aunt On the Babys Fathers side, That was clearly not a joke ,The baby was not laughing im not sure what picture she was looking at. It just sickens me, From my understanding I recently just found out this is not the first time she has been reported to CPS from her own family members. There are text messages from Alexis Breeden around the same time the picture was taken Stating she no longer wanted the baby because she wanted to party more, Also wanting to put him up for Adoption.

    • momof3

      I sure hope they investigate thoroughly before just allowing her back unsupervised…..that baby did not look happy or laughing…..more like this sick mother got a kick out of torturing this baby….sick sick sick!!!

  • Bonnie McMichael

    Please find a big hook hang her up all day long.. See how she likes it, but please make sure there is a camera man there to takes pics/movie .. This is very disturbing … She is sorry it has had a backlash ..

  • Jane

    This woman is a liar. First of all, I highly doubt she contacted the TV station to “clear the air.” She most likely did it because she is loving the attention. Secondly, “the worst thing you can do to a child” is to let that child stay with a neglectful, cold-hearted abuser. For example, the kind of callous, cruel, immature person who thinks it’s funny to hang a crying child from a hook.

  • Gail

    She has no business keeping that baby! She should’ve been charged! Hopefully they keep that baby as far away from her as possible!!

  • wildguy.da@gmail.com

    investigators need to stick there nose where its actually needed instead of sticking it into things that just make them seem busy. the woman is not guilty. go do something more honorable.

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