Richmond teacher named national teacher of the year

Changes made to Armstrong homecoming game as safety precaution

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - There are some changes to Armstrong High School's homecoming football game Friday night.

Richmond Public School officials tell CBS 6 as a safety precaution they are changing the start time of the game to 6:30 p.m. instead of 7 p.m.

"There have been some community issues going on and we just want to make sure we have prepared a safe environment," said principal April Hawkins.

Along with the game being on Halloween night, RPS Spokeswoman Cletisha Lovelace said some of the community issues include a 15-year-old teen boy who was shot and killed in Mosby Court earlier this week.

There also was a fight at Armstrong High School last Friday just before dismissal, according to Lovelace. Lovelace said police were called and the building was placed on code red for 30-40 minutes.

"Many of our students, fans, and community members may walk to the game so this just allows for an earlier exit so everyone can get home safe," said Hawkins.

RPS officials said they are also working with Richmond Police to have increased security. However, some said they do not know if a time change will make much of a difference.

"If it's going to happen, it's going to happen," said one grandparent, "They're going to find a way."

Still, sophomore Jonathan Sommerville said he is happy to hear about the precautions his school is taking and is hoping for a fun and safe homecoming night.

"Everybody is looking to just have fun, see Armstrong win," said Sommerville.


  • manlishi

    ‘”community issues”…. Democrats always trying to pick up poo from the “pc clean” end.
    ” we just want to make sure we have prepared a safe environment,” said principal April Hawkins.” Too late, your core beliefs, political choices, agenda, and have ensured that violence will only get worse.
    Democrats are all the same.

    • Meaghan

      Question for you…are you retired or do you have a job you go to daily? Do you talk like this to your co workers? Or do you attend meetings? Just curious

      • LIZ

        Meaghan, no he’s not retired nor do he have a job. His job is being a racists idiot and so is B Addy. Two dumb a$$ racist repulicans!!!

      • Manalishi

        I work every day and will never retire (someones got to pay for Liz’s phone). My co-workers have been enlightened if they didn’t know who pays their bills. I do not attend any meetings unless business.

  • chinikasha

    translation.Some in the community cannot control their behavior and feel the need to shoot each other daily so instead of tackling the issue we will ignore it once again and make excuses because thats what we do best as a race.a side note the next “vigil” will be held within 24hrs,candles from the last one will be accepted.thanks

    • LIZ

      You both need to shut the phuck up. No comments from either of you on the white bytch that had her poor baby hanging by the nail in the doorway!!!! Manalishi, just go walk in front of a speeding train, you will do us all a favor!!!!

      • Manalishi

        Stereotypical democrat hates any one else’s civil rights “speech” yet would have a fit if the infringement was upon her/it. This is the character of low standard that votes Obozo and Warner. Pay attention, this is also the same low standard that created the problem Armstrong school and society is suffering with now.

      • B ADDY

        Liz , don’t get upset at people for speaking the truth. I know it can sting sometimes , but you should direct you anger at the animals that are the cause of so many issues coming from such a small % of the population.

  • Doug

    Well. Some people do and some people sit on Channel 6’s website day in and day out talking about what they would do or what they wish they could do but are too cowardly to actually do. Oh, you’ll talk about Democrats and guns and uncivilized savages but you’ll never actually do anything about it. Cowards never do.

    • Manalishi

      That’s because they are not in my neighborhood dumba**. It’s not my responsibility to clean up your or anyone else’s neighborhood. Don’t bother getting a bit pi**y that your core values (or lack thereof) are the problem.
      Democrats are all the same.all the same.

      • Doug

        You mad because I called you what you are, a cowardly loser? If the Armstrong High School is not in your neighborhood, why are you worrying about it? Face it, Manalishi, you’re a loser. You’re a coward. You don’t have the intestinal fortitude to say anything you’ve said here on this website to a black person’s face, and you don’t have the manhood to do anything about. All you’re going to do is whine and cry about it like the yellow bellied cowardly loser you are.

      • shelly

        manalishit, if its not your community, why bother to waste your time commenting everyday? What’s the point? We all know your point of view by now. Put up or shut up! Manalishit for city council. No, nevermind…..because you are all bark and no bite. You just run your mouth.

      • Manalishi

        Very stereotypical there Doug. But i’m not mad. Now, why would one go out of their way to say anything to a ” a black person’s face” just to appease your race bating incoherence? I did not and do not criticize based on race, that’s for little people like the ones yo mama raised. And speaking of losers, why would you support the scourge that cause the many good students of Armstrong to alter any aspect or schedule of their lives for YOUR “community issues”? Must be a “coward” or “fortitude” problem. You may want to get that intestinal thing checked,,, it’s gettin smelly, like Shelly.



    • B ADDY

      You must not be able to read. Not surprising. It just that blacks cause the majority of the crime, therefore that is what you read day in and day out. Wow from only 14% of the population accounting for 50% of crime.

  • ZBThompson

    Wow.. Racist much? I had my oldest graduate last year 3.5 GPA and #9 in her class. I have another about to graduate in 2016 hopefully # 1 in her class.. Its not the students that go there its sometimes the people in neighborhood Dummies

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