Photo posted on Facebook leads to Spotsylvania mother’s arrest

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SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. -- A picture of a 14-month-old boy posted on Facebook shows the Spotsylvania toddler suspended in the air hanging by his twisted t-shirt. The boy is hanging from a door frame crying and obviously uncomfortable.

CLICK FOR UPDATE: Mother of child seen hanging from hook in Facebook photo regrets picture

CLICK FOR UPDATE: Mother of child seen hanging from hook in Facebook photo regrets picture

Investigators said they heard from numerous people who were horrified to see a picture on social media of boy dangling in the air from a door frame. The boy was hanging by his twisted tee shirt and appeared to be scared and crying.

“We had it assigned to a criminal investigation detective through the child victim unit. When she responded, she did an investigation and found that it wasn’t a nail, it was actually a planter hook that the child was hanging from. But the child was absolutely fine,” Sgt. James Konicki with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office said.


14-month-old boy dangles from planter hook.

According to sheriff’s office investigators, the picture was taken between Sept. 1 and Sept. 10 by the child’s mother.

The toddler's mother, identified as 18-year-old Alexis Breeden, turned herself in Thursday afternoon after a felony warrant was issued for her arrest.

Konicki said the photo came to their attention when several people posted the picture of the little boy on their Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

“The baby’s father and mother had an argument and in retaliation the father posted this on Facebook to get the mother in trouble" Konicki said, adding that the father of the child was not involved in the alleged abuse.

18-year-old Alexis Breeden

18-year-old Alexis Breeden

What this mother did to a 6-year-old who couldn’t count to 12 will break your heart

People on Facebook blasted the mother and even posted the picture to our CBS 6 Facebook page asking us to find out more.

CBS 6 News learned Breeden is now facing a felony child abuse charge.  CBS 6 News also uncovered court documents that show Breeden recently pleaded guilty to an assault and battery charge against a family member.

That female victim was identified in General District Court documents as Breeden’s parent. In that case, Alexis Breeden was ordered by a judge to complete anger management courses and undergo a mental health evaluation.


First Sgt. James Konicki with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office said

Breeden is also due in court next month for a separate charge that she violated a protective order. In an entry on Breeden’s own Facebook page, she lashed out at people criticizing her.

“The cops came to my house twice last night and saw that he was fine. They think this was immature and dumb of me but he saw I was playing and no one needs to know everything going on because some of you aren’t parents and no one knows the full story. Mind your own f******business,” the post reads.

Not many followers or investigators in Spotsylvania believe it’s a laughing matter.

“It’s heartbreaking. You don't ever want to see a child victim. It’s harder to handle than if it was an adult” Konicki said.

CBS 6 News reached out to Breeden at the home address that was listed on court documents, but no one was there.



  • Sivapriya Saraswati

    What does it matter whether it was a nail or not? It still has the same effect. If the parent is thoughtless enough to do this to her child, what else is she doing? SMH The child is okay for how long? What’s next?

    • Janet Ticklebottom

      The child is fiiiiiine. I just saw him an hour ago at Chipotle chowing down on some beans n’ rice. He’s all good. Also got a new honda accord too, im jealous.

    • Jhullender

      I had a kid when I was 18 I’m 23 with two kids so that’s not even true its about the person who has the kid not the age. So stop saying its babies having babies because it doesn’t matter how old you are u can have a child and raise the baby to be healthy and well taken care of has not a thing to do with age. I was a single parent at 18 for two years plus so keep the age part out its about the person.

      • Pete

        I bet your father is ever so proud of you.

        Nest time close the legs honey.

        I am sure the tax payers are raising your two little darlings.

      • Beth

        Hey. Pete. How about you take yo he rude comments somewhere.else. I too am 18 with an almost 2 year old. My parents are proud. You know why? Because despite my age. My son is well taken care of. This girl’s age has ! nothing To do with what she Did. She clearly has issues. Ignore him Jaime. He doesn’t know me or you.

      • jamie

        Ignorance is bliss. Its about the person not the age. Some are just not ment to have kids. And others are born with ignorance I’m married and have a great life with my son and daughter in our home in Montana with the money we work for. I’m happy my tax dollars can help a parent that can’t fully support their family I love helping others and kids.

  • Wanda

    I’m from Spotsylvania, been here all my life, not everyone is from “Spotsyltucky,” anonymous. I’m sure mistreating children goes on all over the world. That being said, this wench needs to be hung just like this poor baby, Ignorance at its finest. I have nothing good to say about this piece of trash, first assault and battery against her own Mother? I would die tomorrow just to get one minute back with my Mom. I hope CPS has taken this child so something worse doesn’t happen to him, it will left in this looneys care.

  • Hope

    Seriously ??!!! What the hell is the world coming to. She is a scum bag, and if the father just posted this picture to get her in trouble instead of taking it to the higher ups than he is just as bad. You don’t want your child get a hold of me on Facebook. I have two little boys, i wouldn’t mind adding a third! And you can keep your government benefits… A jail should open up for people that abuse children and animals. What they do to innocent beings, should be done to them!!!!!!!

  • Glenda

    this is a person that has no business having a baby if that is what they are going to do when they fight with the father or mother. Why isn’t he charged as well, why didn’t he intervene when the at was happening???? And then because they had a fight he does this to get even, he is just ads guilty as she is. And she assaulted her parents???? This is someone that belongs in jail. My children ( all boys) know if they ever raise a hand to me or their father, they will be on the ground.

  • Cook

    Hang ‘er and she how she likes it. Then when yer done, repeat until dead. Her child will probably be injured again because of her somehow, sometime before that kid turns 18.

  • iamjoespinkyfinger

    I’d bet the “father” is no better than the mother. After all he knew what she did and had the pictures, but didn’t say anything until he got in a fight with her?

    Probably demanded a chunk of the welfare check and she told him to get bent.

    • Sissy

      Father is a thug !! Just released on bond for distribution of marijuana. Has multiple other charges against him too. Has robbed people and posted his own pix on Facebook wearing the stolen merchandise. His day will come just like hers did. Hopefully the state will step in and save this poor baby !

      • carrey

        He did not have the picture untill rite before she was charged for this.she just sent it to him.because he didnt want to be with dont know his side of the you shouldnt.put him down he is a good father .he did report her why do you think the cops went to her house the same night she sent the picture of his child to him.but that night the police did nothing about it.that is why it was posted on facebook.and he is not a thug he does not rob people.and he does not have stolen stuff in pictures all bought and paid for.and people make mistakes.he has never done no dumb shit to his son.he loves his son I know that for a dont know whats going on or what hes should judge.when you dont know….

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    Are people seriously judging the father with absolutely no insight into what happened? What if he wasn’t around when this picture was taken? He posted it on facebook to get the mother in trouble which she should have been and she did get in trouble. Then you blame the father with no understanding other than he got the mother in trouble. Had it not been for him she wouldn’t have. You id*ots never cease to surprise me.

    • Blade

      Well first thing is to believe what information what was given. If the article stands correct then yes the father is to blame as well if the photo was taken in Sept around the 10th or 11th and he WAITED till November when he got into a altercation with his child’s mother. If his sons well being was in his best interest he would have reported the picture immediately, not waiting almost two months.

      Childern are our future. If the child’s own mother is going to be a monster towards him, what do you expect him to be or feel when he gets older?

      The mother has some underline issues and needs to seek help before she can care for a child. Doesn’t seem like she can really take care of herself right now. Just think about how terrified that poor baby was.

      What needs to “cease to amaze” you is that a mother, she gave birth to a child and is hanging it. People were executed this way, this is how people take there life.

    • PT

      Dustin, shut the h3ll up. Nobody feel sorry for the dad. He is much at fault as the mom. Sissy must know the dad to provide info. What??? You don’t want to hear that their are white thug drug dealers and he’s robbing people. You better bet that his day is coming.

  • tina

    It’s not her age that made her do it. There is many young parents that make right decisions for their own. It’s the wrong choices people make. People don’t use her age as a excuse for her behavior. She definitely shouldn’t be able to get her child back. It’s very horrible and dumb of her. I hope she wakes up and realizes how wrong this was!

    • Blade

      I was a teen mother! You’re absolutely right!!!

      My son is now 11, straight a student and knows he is loved unconditionally.

      Poor baby boy. :'(

  • Sheila

    If she was a PARENT, she wouldnt be treating her child like this and scaring him. What a dumb piece of trash. Some people should be neutered at birth.

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