The disturbing discovery about a Henrico teacher students found, but school leaders missed

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- How did a teacher, whose license was revoked in two other states after pornography was discovered on his work computer, get hired in Virginia?

The teacher started at J.R. Tucker High School in the West End of Henrico in August 2010.  Five months earlier, his teaching license was revoked in New Jersey after an investigation led to pornography discovered on his work computer. Investigators said it was an “enormous amount” of porn, including lewd pictures of the teacher himself.

The pornography was first discovered by his students in New Jersey who were using his computer to listen to music, according to documents obtained from the Virginia Department of Education. The teacher left New Jersey and eventually moved to Virginia.

After he worked in Waynesboro in part of 2009 and 2010, the teacher got hired in Henrico.

Former Henrico School Superintendent Bill Bosher said losing a teaching license in another state should automatically bar a teacher from ever getting hired in Virginia.

"That’s not a little bitty cloud, that’s a great big cloud. That’s a stop, you don’t go any further," Bosher, who was not involved in the teacher's hiring, said.

What mistakes were made that allowed the teacher to get a job in Virginia? How did his past catch up with him at Tucker? And what, if anything, are school leaders doing to make sure something like this does not happen again?

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  • Paula

    Perline Farnsworth you are a sickco just like the nasty teacher. Do you have kids? Would you want a teacher like that teach your child? Maybe you are a porn star.

  • Meaghan

    I remember parents wanted a teacher fired b/c in addition to teaching she wanted to go into modeling, she posted pics of herself in lingerie on a modeling site. Watching porn, drinking, dressing like a woman, etc, whatever you do at home is not illegal. His mistake was bringing it to work to where his students got a hold of it. If it was child porn, then of course that would be completely illegal. But we don’t have to demonize him for watching porn, he just needs to keep it away from school and his students, and because he didn’t, then that would be reason to fire him

    • athynz

      I remember that story – but IIRC she didn’t bring it to work someone anonymously sent the school division an email with some of her pics. I fully agree that what a teacher does on his or her own time is their business. I’m curious to see what triggered this with Henrico.

  • Joel

    Fired no, reprimanded yes. As long as it wasn’t during school hours. But he shouldn’t let the students use his computer anyway.

  • AJ

    In Henrico County, HR does a complete screen before allowing Principals to interview candidates. Sounds like there was a MAJOR oversight on behalf of the HR department.

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