VDOT to review Gaskins and Broad for any needed safety upgrades

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HENRICO, VA (WTVR) -- Following a pedestrian accident at Gaskins and Broad Street Monday night, VDOT says it will review the intersection to see if any safety precautions can be made.

Data obtained by the CBS 6 through Henrico police show from October 2013 though September 2014, 35 accidents have taken place.

"It is extremely busy and it is extremely dangerous," Ms. Kitchen, a Henrico woman was crosses the intersection often said.

"There is no spot for us to go across we have to look at lights."

Despite attracting more than 36,000 cars a day, the intersection has no crosswalk, crosswalk signal, or for that matter a sidewalk on some parts of the intersection.

"We maybe have a serious accident here every three weeks," Ron Melancon, a Henrico resident who works nearby, said.

The last pedestrian accident to take place here happened in September 2013, following that VDOT said it would review safety procedures.

"We did take a look at it," Jeff Kuttesch, a traffic engineer with VDOT, said.

Kuttesch said VDOT concluded that accident was caused by a rogue driver and not an overall safety issue , so that is why no changes occurred

VDOT vows to look at the intersection once more, however over two million dollars is already earmarked for improving pedestrian crossings at Willow Lawn and Short Pump.

"Those are two areas that really jumped out," Kuttesch said.

VDOT estimates it would cost anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000 to install sidewalks and pedestrian crossing signals at Gaskins and Broad Street.


  • Ron Melancon

    We don’t believe VDOT. They never put a person like me on these stupid panels that do nothing. I point out concerns on the worst stupid designed road called Springfield Road around Echo Lake and pointing the finger at total do nothing VDOT.

    • athynz

      You also pointed the finger at Dr. Brent Logie for something he didn’t do without any sort of evidence other than the word of a drunk woman – sorry Ron but your credibility isn’t what you think it is which is likely why someone like you isn’t on one of those panels.

      • Ron Melancon

        Take a good look at dangeroustrailets.org and ask why a cop and his wife was killed by a Homemade trailer while you sit on your butt doing nothing but critize legimiate issues at least I speak out so people like you who advocate Cup Cake Control lets people get destroyed by people like you who do nothing

  • Ron Melancon

    Sing to Humpty Dumpty

    Humpty VDOT sat on the wall
    Humpty VDOT did nothing at all
    All the Kings engineers
    And all The County engineers
    Just couldn’t figure out how
    To fix Gaskins Road at all

  • Ron Melancon

    Mr. ATHYNZ. I am a nobody but I know it the only problem is VDOT does nothing. My credibility does not have to be proven to you…. I only have one person to answer to…. And Your opion will not ruin my day so go ruin somebody’s else

    • athynz

      Looks like I hit a nerve or two Ron. Good – I hope you learn something from it rather than simply react to it and forget the point behind it. Nice sidestep BTW on the false accusation issue.

      Take a good look at dangeroustrailets.org and ask why a cop and his wife was killed by a Homemade trailer while you sit on your butt doing nothing but critize legimiate issues at least I speak out so people like you who advocate Cup Cake Control lets people get destroyed by people like you who do nothing”

      You know with the whole trailer issue there is a fine line between bringing awareness to an issue and beating people over the head with it. I cannot speak for everyone but I tend to ignore much of what you say about the trailers due to your constant posting about it. And you assume that because I dare to criticize you that I do not focus on legitimate issues – that is an erroneous assumption. Much like your snap judgments of people accused of crimes.

      On subject yes VDOT needs to get off of their collective butts and install more lighting, pedestrian crossing complete with walk/don’t walk indicators and the push buttons at the street corners like DC and other bigger cities have, and defined pedestrian crosswalks. This needs to happen at other intersections across the county as well. As part of this they should install LED lighting so that they save money over the long haul as opposed to the standard high output lighting they are utilizing now.

  • charlie

    this is Henrico county.we will not consider any changes to this train wreck of a designed area but if you are a developer and would like to squeeze any huge building or road into our super confined space we would be happy to approve your plan,any plan in fact.We encourage more empty strip malls,Just as long as such plan sticks us with the cost of improving road design and spending more money then you did to build the actual structure.Any plan that does not call for us to use tax payer funds once your done and left the area will not be considered.thank you

  • Ron Melancon

    To all the people who feel that I am worthless and do not know what I am talking about then I have witnessed over 100 people loose their lives due to accidents…..if you never seen a person leave us…then you should never criticize anybody for standing up to our Political leaders who do not want to fix issues. See this letter and then tell me what is wrong.
    “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King Jr
    You tell this mom that I am worthless trying to save her child…
    My name is Jessica. I am the mother of Anthony Usher, Dwayne Usher’s son. Dwayne was involved in the Lakeville road Pizza oven fatal accident on August 8th in Petaluma CA. After reading all of these articals and going through a number of emotions, I have realized I want to make a change in these laws. My son lost his dad forever. He was the only one that was there that remembers the accident. It breaks my heart daily the questions I have to answer for my son. I want to start a petition of some kind so that we can make a difference. I want to help anyway I can. Dwayne was so special to so many people. Please let me know where I can start or if there is anything else I can do to get our voice heard. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Ron Melancon

    To all of you who doubt our cause…. I give you this quote…:
    and this is why America is so screwed up…..it is because ordinary people have been silent.
    “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King Jr

    • tiredofron

      Ron as you may have good intentions you come across in such a negative way in your comments that many people don’t take you seriously,me included! You blamed the trailer when you hit it in broad daylight and it was still attached to a truck! P.S apologize to the DR. that was innocent!!

    • athynz

      It’s not the cause. It’s your approach to promoting it and your snap judgments that are the issue. Every single time CBS posts a news story like the issue with the doctor or the alleged child snatcher at the park in Short Pump you come and assassinate the person’s character without so much as a shred of proof – and in both of those instances you were wrong about them. And the on and on posts about the homemade trailers – we get it, something needs to be done but constantly posting about it here simply drowns your message and the few good points you make. The drive-by character assassinations without proof say much about your own character. Just something to think about.

  • Andy Grizzard

    I’m glad they’re looking into it. Also, they need to go a little further down Gaskins to where it intersects with Three Chopt. EVERY morning, there is a LONG back up to the stoplight before the 64E entrance ramp. People in the area have to leave a few minutes early just to wait in the long line for about 15-20 minutes. Once you get to the stoplight, you can easily see that the traffic along Three Chopt isn’t that bad, the traffic isn’t backed up nearly as much as it is on Gaskins. Here’s a possible solution: time the stoplights so that the traffic on Gaskins has at least a minute or two longer. This way, it will allow backup to decrease a little.

    I say this because not only is it frustrating, but it’s unsafe. People will run the red lights just to get to home/work quickly. If these stoplights were timed better, I think there would be fewer car accidents and less headaches.

  • Ron Melancon

    So when s defective loose Himemade never inspected trailer comes loose like one did last week on I-64 near New Kent east. About 11 am. Call your political Heros when you see another accident in Gaskins and never inspected flying trailers

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