Driver stuck under tractor-trailer

UPS truck runs off 288, lands on Route 10

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UPDATE: A small blue car entered Route 288 from the Route 10 east ramp and cut in front of the UPS truck causing it to run off the road, Virginia State Police spokesman Sgt. Steve Vick said. Police are looking for the blue car. All travel lanes, including the ramp, reopened just before noon, according to VDOT. The truck driver suffered serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

One driver in UPS truck heading North on 288 in left lane. Small blue car possibly a Mitsubishi came up from 10 E to 288 on the ramp, cut in front of UPS truck & Ran it off the road. Driver at MCV in serious non-lifethreatening condition. Incident happened at 9:26. Police looking for blue car, driver did not stop.


CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — A UPS truck drove off an overpass on Route 288 and landed on Route 10 below, Chesterfield Fire and EMS spokesman Lt. Jason Elmore said. The crash happened at about 9:20 Wednesday morning,

UPS truck came off Route 288 and landed on Route 10 (PHOTO: Chesterfield Fire and EMS)

UPS truck came off Route 288 and landed on Route 10 (PHOTO: Chesterfield Fire and EMS)

The UPS driver was taken to the hospital with what were considered serious injuries. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

UPS truck came off Route 288 and landed on Route 10 (PHOTO: Chesterfield Fire and EMS)

UPS truck came off Route 288 and landed on Route 10 (PHOTO: Chesterfield Fire and EMS)

“The ramp from Rt. 288 south to Rt. 10 is closed due a crash,” a VDOT spokeswoman said. “One lane is also closed on Ironbridge Rd./Rt. 10 north.”

Traffic is backed up one mile on Ironbridge Rd.

This is a developing story.


    • Janet Ticklebottom



    For ANYONE who has anything negative to say PLEASE STOP as the daughter of a UPS driver I know how hard they work and am praying this driver is ok!
    And Meaghan did you read the post he was RUN off the road…. Praying for all driver today and everyday!

      • PRAYING

        O so before you had any information you just ASSumed that the UPS driver was at fault!
        UPS drivers are held to a VERY high standard maybe next time before you talk bad about a human being that in not hurt you will get any if not all of the information..

      • Meaghan

        Yes I did. I said probably. There weren’t any cars mentioned and I know from experience that trucks drive recklessly. Sue me for having an opinion. Get over it, it was an opinion, not a big deal. We all know what happened now

  • laurenk2583

    Maggot… I mean Meaghan, I’m sorry I didn’t bother to read your name. One question: Are you just stupid or illiterate?

    Praying for the UPS driver. My Dad is a 30+ yr 18 Wheeler veteran. You worry from the time they leave until they return home. God bless our Truckers… The reason you have EVERYTHING in your homes.

    • Marty Williams

      MEAGHAN has no clue she just needed to ramble so she did. Truckers are blamed for wrecks that cars cause more times than Not. Until you have driven one which I did for years you have no business commenting. Get in a big truck and drive one and then get on here and tell us how all the big trucks are at fault. You would be lucky to get 10 miles before some idiot in a 4 wheeler was cutting you off or slamming their brakes on in front of you or tailgating. Know what your talking about before you start pointing fingers.

  • Marci LaBrie

    This is so typical…people complain and accuse truck drivers of being careless when the NTSB figures show in more than 80% of commercial vehicles accidents its the pinheads like the ones who comment here that are usually to blame for the truck crashing. I really wish all trucks would ssimply park for a single week so drivers would have the pleasure of listening to you cry about empty shelves in stores, empty tanks at gas pumps and even empty ATM machines. Everything you touch on a daily basis is transported by truck at some point before it gets to you.

  • G W

    Surely there were other drivers on the road that saw the blue car and got the plate numbers? I sure hope they catch the perp.

  • Sonya Webb

    First to Meaghan; most accidents involving commercial vehicles are caused by dumb pedestrian moves. I come through there everyday and have been cut off many times trying to get off at that exit!! What people don’t seem to realize is that at the end of every on ramp is a YIELD sign! Meaning the traffic on the road way HAS THE RIGHT AWAY!

  • Ron Melancon

    One issue most drivers say a phantom car cut them off in order to avoid loosing their job. Now if this did happen a VDOT camera some where up the road should show the vehicle

  • Ron Melancon

    Yes my step father was the king of bad truckers. He had 20 different licenses, he avoided so many tickets by using these lines…
    I hit the gas by mistake
    Someone cut me off or his best line ” A bee came into my Cab and I tried to swat at it….. and the police believed it. I never saw the bee I was right next to him as a child.

    • Ron Melancon

      That is how and why I know do much. As a kid at 8 years old I worked with my step father to work with trucks and watched him use every means possible to pass trucks that were not safe. So I know all about unsafe vehicles.

  • dto

    This is the problem with the people entering these highways and are supposed to YEILD and proceed when the road is clear!! People entering the highway think they have the right of way and they don’t!!!

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