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Long-lost siblings meet for the first time

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New Orleans, LA — John Pilotte was given up for adoption when he was a child, so until four years ago he did not know he had a sister.

The phone rang on Thanksgiving Day, 2010, and a woman proclaimed she was his sister.

“I was, ‘Like, excuse me?’  said Pilotte, in an interview with WGNO. “She said, ‘No, I’m your sister,’ and I said, ‘I think you have the wrong number.'”

They have spent the past four years getting to know one another over the telephone.

“We’re so alike,” Pilotte said.

“Yeah, good sense of humor,” his long-lost sister Susie Wilson responded. “We’ve been talking for 4 years.”

The two are fifteen years apart in age.

A heartfelt reunion. PHOTO: WGNO

A heartfelt reunion. PHOTO: WGNO

This week Susie and her family flew into the Louis Armstrong International Airport. Amid hugs, laughs and watery-eyes John also met the brother-in-law, niece and nephew he gained.

Like true siblings John and Susie, who share the same father, already have something to fight about. Susie, from Milwaukee, is a Packers fan and John is loyal to his Saints. They took in a game on Sunday, and the Saints took a win, 44-23.

John and Susie take in a game. PHOTO: WGNO

John and Susie take in a game. PHOTO: WGNO

They have a lot to catch up on and new memories to make.

Reporter Deepak Saini was there to capture this emotional story. Click on the video to watch the reunion!



  • gomez

    Several years ago, a man appeared at my father’s house, he claimed to be his long lost son, and my half- brother (different mothers). We had not seen my half-brother for 51 years, because he had died as an infant in 1953. The impostor tried to slam my Dad out of $10,000., but my Dad (then 91 years old) did not give him any money. My Dad was not a senile old man. He was mentally sound until his dying day in 2005. If you have not seem a relative for many years, do an investigation (background check) on any one who claims to be kin to you. Be aware there are many Con-artists who get information, and they try to slam Senior Citizens out of their money and/or property!

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