WATCH: Dave Brat on minimum wage debate, Affordable Care Act and more

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Midterm election day is just six days away and one of the closely watched races in our area is the Seventh Congressional District, for the seat vacated by former Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

We recently had Democrat Jack Trammell on CBS 6 News at 7 p.m. and Wednesday night, it was Dave Brat, the Randolph Macon professor who upset Cantor in the Republican primary in June.

Brat discusses congressional approval, the minimum wage debate, and the Affordable Care Act, among other issues.


  • Manalishi

    Minimum wage wouldn’t even be a topic if there was a viable private sector job market. But democrats still believe we can tax employers into a hiring spree. The ACA (Obozocare) is a proven skimming operation that fully attacked the middle class and still is. I’d rather vote For Brat than any democrat. Don’t get me started on Weasel Warner.

    • Janet Ticklebottom

      Saw DAVE BRAT at the Blue Lagoon last night getting a lap dance from LavaLola….. it was epic~~~~~~~~~~~

      • manlishi

        “LavaLola” is that your other stage name? Everyone in any service industry knows Independents & republicans tip way better than scavenger democrats.

    • Norbert Mayr

      The members of the House of Representatives have now tried forty (or is it fifty) times to sabotage or overturn the ACA. They have fallen short every time. Even if they would have succeeded, none of the Tea Party adherents had any alternative ready to propose, much less to implement. Yet they tried time and again. And here comes Dave Brat whose acknowledged first priority is–wait for it– overturning the ACA. We have economic problems, we have educational issues, we have an entire infrastructure that badly needs to be redone, we have a huge immigration problem that cries out for being resolved, but Brat will (once again) attack the ACA. Is that what we need in Wsshington, more grid lock, more energy wasted on the wrong issue? I think not. Vote Trammell.

  • Marie Stella

    Hasn’t answered one question. Dr. Brat is in denial that American productivity is very high. This may have a lot to do with his theocratic-rational selfishness 17th century economic policies he clings to. Companies who offer good wages are doing very well, including Costco, Ben and Jerry’s, Ikea, Gap, and Quick Trip, one of Forbes top 100 companies, which offers entry level workers over $19 an hour or $40,000 a year, and remains very successful.. CEO of McDonald’s said this month that their loss of profits has nothing to do with wages but that people no longer want the type of food McDonalds offers. He announced McDonalds will support an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Comparing the US to China or India, (Dr. Brat says their growth is because of free trade} is ridiculous. The quality of life for most workers is terrible, separation from their families, sharing rooms with 4 to 8 people. There are plenty of examples where China few Free trade areas lie empty and abandoned. Free trade and lack of regulations and standards has left China and India two of the most polluted countries. China had to declare 20% of its agricultural land toxic because of heavy metals, based on a recently released study, and actually has cancer villages, caused by unregulated wastes and toxins in soil and air. Meanwhile the subject of India’s agricultural fields being used as public or private toilets and human wastes deposits have been in even our local news. The differences between the wealthy an poor and no regulation may be part of the reason that India has now beat the US as the most violent country. China faces a huge housing crisis because left to their own pleasures, builders overbuilt in the multi million dollar marked and didn’t provide affordable housing for working families. They manipulate their currency, a issue that most congressmen oppose. To keep their economy going, China has put huge amount of money in stimulus and Chinese Bank loan corporations, private money to help keep economy going, an American solution that congress and Dr. Brat deride. Dr. Brat loves to remind people he is a Free Trade Economist and teaches at a center funded by BBT Bank that requires the use of novelist Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand society says that Brat doesn’t understand Free Trade, and that he confuses religion with economy. Has anyone asked him to explain his version of Free Trade. Listen to his speech and question and answers on Life Church youtube video, you might be shocked. Beside repeating the words OBAMAcare – Bad, what is being offered? Health Savings Accounts (HSA)? In a society here people’s wages are not growing and many people are living just above the poverty level in the 10th richest state in the US, how much savings do you think people have to pay for health care and HSA. The reason for the health care bill is because the major reason for bankruptcy in the US was health care debt. Add to that loss of job for absenteeism, disability, etc., it dominates bankruptcy and foreclosure issues. The health care bill does several important things, ends caps on health care payments, doesn’t allow a company to cancel insurance when you are sick, they must offer women insurance at the same rate as men, shrunk the drug donut hole, and let kids stay on their parents insurance until they are 26. It reduced copays on preventive care that allows people to get diagnosed early and reduce costs when people are very sick. These benefits apply to every health insurance policy that American’s buy, whether through the government website or not. The website however does offer financial help for individuals and families making $91K or less, which, yes you must pay tax on. Mr. Gillespie’s health care bill, which seems to be what Dr. Brat espouses, is modeled on 2017 Project and takes away all protections of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), will have no company contribution and even advises most companies will drop insurance. WTVR, Great Questions, thanks for asking. It is a shame Dr. Brat wouldn’t answer them,

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