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‘Girls Gone Wilder’ twice missed ‘CSI’ episode to air Sunday

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Well, it happened again. The Denver-New England game ran longer than scheduled, so “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” has been preempted for the second week in a row.

Sunday night’s episode of the show titled “Girls Gone Wilder,”  which was preempted after a long-running NFL game, will air next weekend, Sunday, Nov. 9 at 10 p.m.

CBS had confirmed last week that the missed episode would air Sunday, Nov. 2 at 10:30 p.m., but it was pushed to the following Sunday after another NFL game delayed programming.

“Morgan, Sidle and Finlay try to relax at a forensics conference when a mass shooting occurs on site,” lists a description of the “Girls Gone Wilder” episode.

Here’s a preview of the episode:




  • Pam

    This is Hog wash! The NFL game did not run over, they switched to the last 5 minutes of another game and then proceeded to show every other Sunday night program in its entirety until CSI.

  • sherri

    CSI didn’t air again tonight Nov 2nd. I hate it being on Sunday nights. Football really messes up Sunday nights.

    • Mel

      I agree, I hate football and hate Sundays on CBS… it is a death knell to any program scheduled for late on Sunday, the whole evening is messed up.
      I watch any other channel that night- so sad that good shows get killed off by Football!!! All Sports should be on subscribe only channels!!

  • Buffaloblue

    A major network show given the brush-off 2 weeks in a row has to be a record, sadly. They have given the cast & writers of the show new material. Las Vegas CSI’s looking for a very popular show, advertised to be aired in plain sight, mysteriously disappears just minutes before it’s scheduled airing time, no explanation, no sign of it anywhere. Finally after interviewing the programming directors, ad producers & tv executives a break in the case. Turns out the ad’s during football games are way more profitable, so it was determined the tv execs, heavily intoxicated with alcohol & greed, didn’t give a rip about Joe public finding & viewing CSI Las Vegas, they’ll see it whenever it’s convenient for CBS. They got away with murdering another tv show placed in the 10pm time slot, just ask the guy who was the star of The Mentalist, last years victim of the same fate.

    • janice francis

      I am sick of the games running over every week. I know the games make money but some viewers look forward to seeing all the shows at the end of the games. I DVR all of them and even record over so I don’t miss anything. I’ll have to watch another channel that is not pre-empting good shows every week. When the football season ends CBS will have lost their viewers.

  • Ed

    What bull!!! it was known that football would last longer due to the increased penalties.. plan accordingly!! If the game only goes over 15-20 minutes why would you cancel a one hour tv show? Find a new night for CSI or schedule accordingly!

  • Cindy

    This is really frustrating. Last year on sunday when the game ran over..they allowed the good wife to start late and ditched the mentalist & now 2 weeks in a row the same thing to csi. Why not make everyone happy and run the good wife already in progress so at least those fans can see the last 30mins & then have csi start at normal time..that way we all have our shows. Why should the 9pm show have to suffer and disappoint the viewers week after week

  • Kim Bradshaw

    They are killing CSI. Two weeks now I looked forward to seeing the only CSI that has made it through all the spinoffs and still has a fan base and they decided to take it off because a football game ran late. I’d rather you take that Madame Secretary off or better yet, The good wife. How about alternate. Not happy.

    • Kelli

      Or better yet, move it to Wednesday at 9E/8PM. Criminal Minds I’m sure can weather the 10PM Sunday time slot. That suggestion aside, if they’re going to postpone episodes, those episodes need to air somewhere earlier in the week and not on game day.

  • Dee Dee

    This is awful–I am so angry about this! If there was a way to boycott CBS without losing one of my favorite shows I would! I could care less about football–at least put the new CSI on demand–after all, I MUST sit through all the commercials that way so its like I am watching it live…….

  • Greg

    2 weeks in row now that the broadcast of CSI has been postponed because of Sunday Night Football running into the CSI time slot. The frustrating part of this decision is that it has been a change “after the fact”. Don’t schedule the showing and then postpone because of schedule conflict! You didn’t do this for “The Good Wife” or the local news broadcast. Why is it that CSI is the only program impacted!? I believe CBS is trying to kill CSI by moving it to Sunday night after football, just like you did with “The Unit”. NBC, ABC, and Fox don’t play these games. I’ve decided to stop investing in CBS programming altogether and find other networks programming to fill all of my former CBS time slots. May CBS suffer a slow and painful decline until you are forced to hire management with some common sense and fan awareness!

    • Bryan

      I feel your pain and I love CSI as much as the next person who has been a faithful viewer for 14 seasons. It’s sad to think that CSI can survive cast shake ups, a writer’s strike, and the Fishburne era only to be killed off by Sunday football in what appears to be a deliberate move by the network. However, I do have to disagree with you that ABC and NBC don’t play games with their programming. In fact, up until recently CBS had the best record in that regard where the other two networks were known to preemptively cancel their shows or pull them from the schedule temporarily then cancel them for “sub par ratings.”

  • Heather Huffman

    AMEN!!!! Im really Pissed off that CSI hasn’t aired for two weeks!!!!!!! That is BS!!!! Who cares about the end of the football games at that point in the night we all want our regular shows that we love and look forward too!!! CBS You better make it right!!!! A night of all the CSI shows missed, skip Good Wife for two weeks to make up!!!!

  • Max

    CBS is shooting themselves in the foot. CSI is still one of their more popular shows, but the 10:00 Sunday night slot will be it’s death knell. Personally, I love both the Good Wife and CSI. Last year I was able to DVR around the problem by recording the Mentalist to end an hour afterwards. There were even times when CBS took pre-empted shows and ran them at like 2am – my DVR managed to catch them. This year, they just ditched CSI so I didn’t even get the 2nd half of Good Wife recorded. I suggest that CBS 1) move CSI back to a regular week night, or 2) at least put the CSI episode on ON-Demand, and better yet,3) ditch Madam Secretary, and throw in some mindless comedies or reruns at the Madam Secretary slot. Comedies are easier to drop into the middle w/o missing any plot – or miss entirely.

  • Jean

    They should have left CSI on Wednesdays. At least you could watch it! The last 2 weeks have been reruns from last
    year. Come on CBS! Remember the loyal fans of CSI; and either put the show back to a decent night or wind it up;
    and take it off the air. Quit showing reruns in October and November!!

  • Cersmi

    Moved our great show to Sunday, and we are sticking with it and you screw us with ‘football’….. Oh, but you can re-show a Blue Bloods episode, the same night…… Come on already, two weeks in a row…. I want my show back!!!!!

  • Helen

    Why is CBS trying to get CSI cancelled? They ordered less episodes and then won’t show the ones they have. Two weeks in a row and I can’t even see them on demand.

  • Pam

    The kiss of death to be placed on CBS after the football game on Sunday. What puzzles me is why? Why can’t another show be out once in a while? Why does the local news have to come on exactly on time? Give us a break and move CSI to another night so we can at the very least finish the season.

  • Carmen

    I’m really upset that u moved CSI from Wednesday night to Sunday night cause u put Stalker in it’s place & CSI has been going longer than Stalker. I love CSI cause I love everybody on the show & I’ve been watching them forever which I don’t watch Stalker. You play all the other shows, but CSI & that’s not right. Would u please play CSI or moved it back to Wednesday nights. Please.

  • Jo Ann

    We have missed CSI for the last 2 weeks, why are you not showing it after the news instead of another episode of the Good Wife, really are you trying to kill this show

  • Jewel Lemon

    I’ve notice in the past, that if they want to get rid of show due to rating, that put on Sunday in the 9pm time slot. CSI Miami was put in that time slot and we didn’t even receive notice that it was being cancelled it just stopped coming on. The mentallist last year was in the sam exact time slot, now CSI. Prepare yourselves not to see all remainding episodes of CSI and don’t be surprised if it’s cancelled before the winter break.

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