Alleged victim testifies for hours in Hanover doctor sex assault trial

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va -- The trial for a doctor accused of improperly touching a woman at a party began on Monday.

Dr. Brent Logie, who faces  two sex crime charges is accused of putting his hands down the front of a 23-year-old woman's pants during a Christmas party at his home in 2013.  The woman was once a patient of Logie's.

There was very emotional testimony Monday as the alleged victim spent more than three hours on the stand. She told the jury Dr. Logie touched her and her friend inappropriately a few times during a Christmas party at his home.

She said he put his hands down her pants and touched her private parts as she leaned over an island in the doctor's kitchen a few feet away from other party guests. The 24 year old said she froze when it happened, and felt violated. She told the jury she tried to run out of the house but couldn't get out of the door, so she sat on the couch in a side room near the front door waiting on her friend that invited her to the party.

Prosecutors plan on producing DNA evidence tying Logie to the crime. Such evidence could be crucial to the prosecution's case, according to CBS 6 Legal Analyst Todd Stone.

"Jurors sometimes expect to see DNA or they expect to see some sort of evidence from an expert," said Todd. "Sometimes it's a matter of one persons' word against another person's word."

"A lot's riding on it because this is a physician, his entire career rides on it, and potentially his freedom," added Todd.

Defense attorneys, for their part, said they had not seen any DNA evidence. They also said the victim has credibility problems.

The prosecutor played for the jury a recorded phone call the alleged victim and a detective made to Dr. Logie where she confronted him.

In the recording the jury heard the doctor  saying "I don't recall doing that but if it did happen the way you say I totally apologize. Where was everybody else? I'm mortified. Whether I had too much alcohol it's inexcusable."

The defense contends her story is untrue and grilled her about why she didn't scream, push him or make a scene at the party. The alleged victim was also questioned about whether she might have had more than the three to four glasses of wine she testified about having.

When asked if she should have taken that kind of medication that night with alcohol, she testified she had taken herself off of it because it had once caused her to hallucinate.

On Tuesday the trial resumes with a witness testimony. Among the witnesses, will be the doctor's wife, who also happens to be an area physician.

The woman who invited the alleged victim to the party is also expected to testify.

If convicted, Logie could go to prison for life.



      • athynz

        So no sort of presumption that he is innocent? It’s just this girl’s word? And you see nothing wrong with this sort of snap judgement? Sickening. IF he’s guilty then by all means he needs to be punished but to say no trial is necessary is ridiculous.

    • John H

      Yeah, Lisa, we should believe the drunk woman’s statements (lol). As there could be no way she lied and/or exaggerated, and/or was over reacting.

    • tana

      How can you say “women never lie about stuff like this” really? i agree its unlikely but if she was spurned by him, if she was the agressor and he didnt want any part of it,,well im just saying,,,women have been known to lie for a lot less,,thats just a general comment without knowing the facts,,,i actually laughed when i read your words,,,a woman wouldnt like about that,,,nothing could be further from the truth

  • Jillian Scott

    He will get off — just like that doctor who murdered a woman drunk driving and hasn’t even gone to trial. He’s still practicing medicine. Media gave him a pass (why do they not investigate why he never went to trial or give an update), judge gave him a pass, hospital keeps letting him work. Rich + White = Do whatever you want.

  • Lorraine Shackleford

    Dr. Logie was my doctor.. I really liked him because he was very thorough, knowledgeable, and professional when I saw him as a patient… I hope he is NOT guilty of these charges and can get back to taking care of patients in the practice… I will return to him as my physician….

  • J. Wilson

    Actually the prosecutor admitted there was NO DNA evidence. The officer who detained Dr. Logie in his patrol car had spoken some “mistruths” to keep the conversation (interrogation) rolling. The officer had also suggested that the conversation could continue (prior to any charges) or that he could arrest Dr. Logie in front of his young son.

  • Epiglotus MccFadden

    No woman would ever make false allegations in order to be the center of attention and/or gain anything financially. Just like no woman would ever make false allegations of abuse in order to get child support, alimony, and the mortgage paid for by someone else. That’d never happen.

  • Charlene

    One is innocent until proven guilty. How could someone put their hand down someone’s pants if they were leaning forward over a island, how could it be that no one would notice such activity. I hope and pray this Dr. did not do this. Maybe she was hallucinating that night. The truth will prevail. If that had happened to me I surely would have got someone’s attention.

  • M. Archer

    Dr. Logie was my doctor as well. I have been following the case very closely. I am saddened that this situation is even happening along with people passing judgement. Along with a person before me, Dr. Logie was very knowledge and diagnosed some health issues that others in his profession were unable to consider. However, IF this is true, it would be a real shame that a career doctor would give up a career for a moment of stupidity and a violation on woman. I hope for her sake, all allegations were given to authorities with the pursuit of justice and closure and not financial gain through a civil suit .

  • Ed

    Sure hope Lisa and Suzanne are not on the jury. Hope he is found Not Guilty as he is my doctor and I have been waiting to get appointment for several weeks. Good doctors which he is, is hard to come by

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