Pedestrian hit by car ‘flew through air’ at Broad and Gaskins, says witness

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A pedestrian was struck around 8:50 p.m. Monday night, in the West End.

An eyewitness at the scene said a car hit a woman who was running across West Broad Street, just before Gaskins Road. The woman was lying in the westbound lanes of West Broad Street, before it intersects with Gaskins Road.

A witness said a man went flying in the air. Police on scene said the pedestrian was actually a 42-year-old woman.

The woman was placed onto the stretcher and taken away in an ambulance. She has life-threatening injuries.

Police said she had just left a gas station and had made it across the east bound lanes then tried to run across the west bound lanes.

Ron Melacon, who lives in the West End, say the tragic accident comes as no surprise. He said residents consider the intersection to be one of the county's most dangerous.



  • Ron Melancon

    Look I live over here and at least every two weeks we keep having accidents about the same time. I know better when I see blue lights it’s always more accidents. This is the Darkest intersection around and the sequence of lights change. Then we have had no red light enforcement in at least 8 months and for some reason no improvements have been made. I am one of the smart ones I never cross this intersection I go up broad and go onto Springfield by Costco. The rest of you go through this intersection at your own risk. I have a family to go home to

  • Joann Robinson

    I used to walk from the park and ride on Gaskins over to Broad. Scary, no sidewalks. And it is completely unsafe to cross at West Broad and Gaskins. Springfield and Broad is no picnic either!!

  • patrick

    too funny uh? would have been even funnier if was you or maybe youre mother, brother or sister…that would have been hysterical! idiot -her brother

  • Candace

    Update on driver…anyone? And for the victim, my old room mate and long time friend, stay strong. U can get through this. There is so . many out here pulling for u. Love u

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