‘When I saw bullets flying, I just panicked’ says teen who saw deadly triple shooting

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Police said a 15-year-old boy was killed in a triple shooting in one of Richmond’s notorious public housing neighborhoods early Sunday morning.

A day after three boys were shot in the 1400 block of Coalter Street, messages of love and loss can be seen along a Richmond home, just yards from bullet holes.


A teen, who does not want to be identified, relived the terror outside her home that is now a crime scene.

"When I saw the bullets flying I just panicked; I was running I wasn't thinking about nothing else," said the 16-year-old girl.

Witnesses say a car driven by a female pulled up to a stop sign at the corner of Coalter and Redd streets when four men got out of the vehicle and just started shooting.

"My friend got shot in his back,” said the 16-year-old girl. “He ran up the stairs and said he got shot and then he flipped right back down my stairs he was laying right there.”


Her best friend, Zyemonte Redd, of the 4300 block of Hill Brook Road in Henrico, never got back up Sunday morning. Redd had just celebrated his 15th birthday four days before.

Her 16-year-old boyfriend is hospitalized, along with another victim, with non-life threatening injuries.

"To have a murder at the front door of one of the families that we are working with it's a tremendous setback," said community activist, Art Burton.

Burton, walks the east end streets daily to empower youth and bring change to this Mosby Court community.

On this day, the activist brings flowers for one of his "kids"-- as he calls them -- who was lucky to survive the very violence he is trying to prevent.

"I'm thankful that he is alive," said Burton. "I am thankful that he has the opportunity to do something different and hopefully this will be a wake up call for him and this entire community."

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


  • Belsma

    I don’t understand all the gun toting punks, I just don’t get it. Every week there seems to be a shooting in that area. It’s sad and depressing. Why does this happen? What’s the purpose?

    • NRVA2

      it’s almost like these a pass has been given to go on shooting sprees in poor communities. I bet if a few of these shootings were solved and people were actually prosecuted, they would decrease. There is evidence that when law enforcement sets up regular patrols in these troubled areas, shootings amazingly decrease. Just saying…

    • Manalishi

      I’ts funny you mention that Wiseman, I havn’t heard of a trailer park shooting in years. must not fit your plantation agenda.

  • todd

    no al,jessie,naacp or big protest over this huh?Once again the black community shows it only cares about murder when its a white person involved.Funny how they just chalk it up to another day in the hood.

    • Craig

      @ Todd, No whities when the kids getting shot up at school either for stupid shyt. Then you all say that the father left the family, depression ect……… White or black there is no need for all this violence…..so take your ignorant a$$ somewhere with that bull shyt!!!! At 15 this boy should not be dead. he had his whole life ahead of him. My heart goes out to all of his amily and friends

      • Manalishi

        Obviously The problem will not get resolved until you learn how to think and vote for the good of everyone rather than just your agenda or subculture. Should you disagree, then go out and fix the problem your damned self or just sit back and take the criticism your idealism deserves. Democrats are all the same.

    • shelly

      I guess you’re too dumb to see that Al and Jesse show up for injustice not because a white shot a black person. They show up when a white shoots a black person and the white is still walking around free. They don’t know who did this yet but if/when they find out, they will pay for the crime. That’s the difference dumbo! Please don’t think that black people are not outraged at the high level of black on black crime just because you don’t see the outrage in news headlines.

  • Crushing

    And tell your brothers stop shooting up schools. You need all the education you can get you bytch a$$ punk!!!!

  • Jazmin

    I don’t understand why she didn’t want to be named.. They already said she love there. She’s 16. One victim was her Bestfriend. One victim was her boyfriend. They gave her away.. Smh

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