From 1 to about 50, local e-cig company blazing into the market

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avail-ftd-1024x564Dozens of new stores in the next two months.

That’s the breakneck goal James Xu has set for his Richmond electronic cigarette startup Avail Vapor.

The company, which opened its first retail shop in Carytown last year, already has 23 stores open around the Mid-Atlantic. Xu said Avail plans to open another seven stores by November in Virginia Beach, Hampton, Midlothian, and North Carolina.

But Xu isn’t stopping there to catch his breath.

“We basically right now have entered super-fast growth mode,” Xu said. “We only plan to dial it up. I haven’t thought about dialing it down.”

By the end of 2014, Avail plans to have a total of about 50 stores open. That will include stores in the Washington, D.C. area, North Carolina, Tennessee, and more than a dozen around Virginia with seven in the Richmond market.

Avail’s business model includes two main arms.

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  • Ron Melancon

    And you have teenagers in Glen Allen high and all over the Umited States who are smoking in the locker Rooms right under the noses of the Teachers and they can’t detect it our teenagers are getting addicted to this

    • Eli

      And they smoke under the tents at the Richmond Folk Festival and in non smoking restaurants in Richmond (Top Thai Ten). I find the most obnoxious part is that they think it’s OK because “it’s only vapor.” I can smell your vapor, so go outside with the other smokers. Yuck. Vapor cigarettes are the new leading cause of smug, you know ;-)

  • Kilroy

    I smoke vapors. I only smoke outside, and I know its a vapor, but still people don’t want it to be around them that don’t do it. Its called respect. Also, if Avail opens all these stores. I wonder if they are going to keep up with their stock. Thats the thing I hate about them. They are always “sold-out” and if you ask them when they are getting their next shipment, “Oh its on its way.” Next day, same thing. So on and so fourth. Been Cigarette free for 3 months.

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