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VIDEO: Truck ‘phenomenon’ on Va. interstates leaves man wondering if he drove into the Twilight Zone

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RICHMOND, Va. —  “Are we in the Twilight Zone?” That was the question Adam Hicks asked while driving along Interstate 64 in Richmond on Saturday morning. Hicks thought he may have been transported to another time and space because of what he saw coming in the opposite direction.

He saw a seemingly endless convoy of semi-trailer trucks — with state police blocking any other vehicles from entering the highway.

“We’ve seen at least 30 so far. Here’s a whole new set of trucks coming up,” Hicks said on video recorded while on Interstate 64.

“I want to re-iterate the interstate is blocked off. No incoming traffic,” passenger, identified on Facebook as Joyce Ord, said. “This is Interstate 64, Richmond. No idea what’s going on. This is getting more and more bizarre.”

What Hicks and Ord were watching was the World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics. An event designed to raise awareness, and money, for the Special Olympics.

“Now it’s only Walmart trucks. Are we in the Twilight Zone?” Hicks said. “It’s just endless trucks. No other cars can come onto the road. Police are blocking all other cars.”

The convoy left Meadow Event Park Saturday morning about 10 a.m. and headed south on Interstate 95. It then traveled along Interstate 295 southbound to Interstate 64 eastbound. At Bryan Park the convoy took Interstate 95 north back to Meadow Event Park. The relative short trip around town seemed to accomplish its mission to raise awareness.

Many people took to social media to report the strange sight and ask what was going on.

“Other people are filming it,” Ord said. “It’s a phenomenon.”

Her video, which Hicks posted on his Facebook page, had been shared nearly 20,000 times.


  • donald boggs

    When you have an evil gov’t that lets Ebola spread within it’s borders and a ” president ” who hates his country and it’s citizens it’s easy to jump to conclusions

  • sflm

    Now we know what the government’s up to! They’re going to use the Special Olympics organizers and competitors to run the FEMA camps. Oh sh**!!

  • Jon

    This what officials said about the blocking off of I-64. ” What Hicks and Ord were watching was the World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics. An event designed to raise awareness, and money, for the Special Olympics.” If that was true then why has there not been any press coverage about the event or campaign? So the best way to get the word out is pissing off tons of people and travelers while generating speculation. I call Bull Shit! Seems more like moving a massive amount critical materials via everyday commercial vehicles due to pending crisis.

    • Sarah

      I was skeptical at first, but for one, coca cola is not a vital supply, and 2 it checks out on the special olympics site under resources – truck convoy- and the registration forms state October 25… Shows Conway and WalMart and coca-cola are the major sponsors. So.. It checks outt

  • Haley Buick GMC

    I drove in one of the rear vehicles at the end of the convoy – the Convoy referred to here was the 4th annual event, raising over $20,000 for Special Olympics Virginia – local media, VA State Police, VDOT, and participating businesses all had a hand in promoting the event and raising awareness.

  • dontmesswithme

    Well. I wonder why there were no special Olympics banners? How does this raise awareness of anything? When they do Bikers for Tots during Christmas you hear about it days before, you see signs, you read about it in all the papers. It gets covered by the news. People stand and wait just like a parade. The only awareness it has raised is one of suspicion. I have participated in Special Olympics… nothing like this was ever done. Why no banners? Why no donation banners… you know how easy it is to put a sign on a big rig? Not that hard. Why no flashing lights like for the Ebola patients? Why no mascots? Nothing about this convoy raised awareness for special Olympics.

  • Jim Cromeans

    I’ve no clue as to what’s going on here, but I do not trust the news medias to inform us of the facts.

  • ccjohncc

    I’m sorry but I can think of a million more practical ways of raising awareness than wasting gas driving a hundred empty trucks tying up the interstate that sometimes is in need for emergencies etc. Then I wonder how much problems were caused by all the rubberneckers etc. This was just plain dumb.

  • Mark Nye

    I have to laugh at the stupidity of some of the people who post…AND you know who you are…yeah its a huge conspiracy and the truckers are all goverment agents carrying Ebola to spred it around the world. …..GOD ..are you people really that stupid. ..??? If they were 10,000 bikers what would you say, or how about the car rally from San Francisco to New York…
    ..everything is on the internet now…if it were a crisis and a conspiracy we would all have heard about it…….
    I hope , though, that they raise more than 20,000…and go coast to coast…Now that would be awesome! Thank you Truckers!!♡U

  • Jay

    If there was something sinister about this, then why do it in broad daylight where videos like this can go viral? Why not just do it at night? The gov’t is probably laughing at us thinking, “Yeah, lets take credit for this one. We got them scared now!”

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