What’s with the large truck convoy backing up traffic in Richmond?

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Were you stuck in traffic along interstate 95? Did you see a large truck convoy being escorted by Virginia State Police? Don't be alarmed.

Saturday morning at 10, a record number of trucks participated in the 2014 World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics.

As this video shows, the unique sight confused some drivers who had no idea what was going on.

The truck convoy is a unique one-day celebration where police escort a convoy of trucks through cities and towns in 38 states and Canada. The event helps raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics athletes. About 110 vehicles participated in the ride.


In 2013, over $20,000 was raised with 49 trucks participating in Virginia’s nearly 50-mile round-trip convoy along Interstate 95 from Caroline County to Henrico County, according to a press release sent by Virginia State police.

The convoy left Meadow Event Park along Route 30 to Interstate 95 southbound between Doswell and Exit 84B and traveled along Interstate 295 southbound to Interstate 64 eastbound to Bryan Park and Interstate 95 northbound, before returning to Meadow Event Park around 11:30 a.m.

​​​The event is excepted to end at 2p.m.

Did you see the convoy? Click here to send us a photo.


  • MK

    this has to be a coverup for something – in the past I have worked with the Special Olympics raising money etc and there is no way they would spend this on fuel….. something else is up….

  • Heather

    Why would they need to shut down the interstate or have police escorts if this was just a fundraising event?

    • Valerie Taylor Shackleford

      Summer, I was just thinking the same thing. If this is a legitimate attempt to raise awareness, clearly mark all the trucks have a Special Olympics banner and/or decal so the general public knows what the hell is going on. Ridiculous to say it’s an awareness or fundraising campaign – #1 rule in marketing — identify your brand/product!

  • Denise

    yes!! Its a conspiracy people!!!!! Obama WANTED COCA COLA AND NEW UNDERWARE FROM WALMART!!!! give me a break people…complain complain complain that’s all this country does..How about using your thoughts and energy to find a way to stop illegal entering of the United states or to stop ISIS and if you must complain how about complaining about how much the military gets paid!!! and by the way 20,000 dollars?? really?? kinda sad cause when another contry needs money for a disaster they get BILLIONS!!! now that’s a conspiracy……

    • Alex Barry

      Sarge, if you’ll calm down and take a breath and re-read the poster’s comment, you’ll see that he was actually pointing out that the military is UNDERPAID, not overpaid. He’s on your side, or at least was, until you decided to rip into him. An apology is in order.

    • Niccole

      I have to say I was loving your comment until you started bitching about how much the military gets paid. Because im sitting in my tiny one bedroom apartment with no groceries waiting to go to my second job while my husband is gone for a month for pre deployment training. We dont live extravagantly we dont have a ton of bills and yet here we are. Also my husband has been in the army for over 6 years and is a Sgt.

      • Sue

        I think from reading her comment that Denise really meant how LITTLE the military gets paid. At least I hope so.

  • Bill Stephens

    I agree with Ms. Judy Henry Long, that is B.S. all of those trucks are not for raising money for Special Olympics. Raised just $20,000 dollars? ..Come on we are not total idiots. Ms. Henry you are on point and I agree with you.

  • Faith

    What I cannot understand with all of these comments is how many people are unable to comprehend an article or use Google to research facts. I am in SC and saw this on FB. Googled truck convoy in Richmond and not only found multiple stories but also the Special Olympics page and downloaded the registration form just to see how it worked and who paid for what. This event was obviously put out to companies who qualified for a 10 ton GVW minimum convoy and they paid to register to participate, then provided their on gas and time to ride. Basically how this works is I pay you to support something I believe in and in return, 1,000’s of people see my name and logo and talk on social media and/or Google “what was that?!” It is a win win for everyone. So stop being so negative and if you think the Special Olympics see none of the convoy money, then go make a donation, yourself, on their website. They will accept your money too.

  • Spewing Poo

    When so many posters claim it is right that are unfamiliar you know it must have been some nefarious government plot.

  • Fabi Gamboa

    Look at how stupid this fundraiser was.. This cannot be a fundraiser! Each one of the big rigs takes 250 gallons to fill up that =$947.00 250 X 3.79 per gallon of diesel= $104,225. Okay… and they raised only $20,000. How can anyone say this is a fund raiser? This was a foolish mistake.

  • Ingrid

    Now if ANY of you have a lick of sense and can get your high almighty know it all heads out of your a**, scroll down on the Virginia State Patrol FB page.


    To Friday, 10:00 am and you’ll SEEEEE the Flyer advertising! And PLEASEEEE leave THEM a message of THEIR CONSPIRACY and HOW THEY INTERRUPTED YOUR LIFE ohhh and don’t forget to tell them THEY’RE SCAM ARTISTS!!!

  • Aubrey

    The only reason why I’m actually skeptical of this (people do stupid money wasting things ALL of the time – so a convoy would be believable) however – if this were some 38 state Special Olympics event to raise money and awareness…wouldn’t it be imperative that people be made aware that it is happening?? Otherwise, it’s just a convoy of trucks being inconvenient.

  • avon barksdale

    i thought it seemed pretty fishy too, but i did find some stuff on the special olympics website about it… heres a link for the “playbook” It looks pretty legit, but i guess you could fake something like this pretty easily… the best way to be sure would be to talk to someone who participated anyone know anyone who has driven in one of these? check it out: http://resources.specialolympics.org/uploadedFiles/Sections/Donate/2014%20World's%20Largest%20Truck%20Convoy%20Playbook.pdf

    • nannyfor4site

      Honey I have a crippled and retarded little brother that I had a disturbing dream about Saturday night before I knew anything about this event so I’m wondering about all of it and sending letters explaining why to both the special Olympics and state police. It upsets me quite a bit. I’ve been warned about things in dreams before.

      • WhatTheWhat???

        I find it HIGHLY unlikely that YOU have a brother who’s quote “crippled & retarded”.

        Simply for the mere fact, that if he were truly challenged, those would be the absolute LAST two words you would EVER chose to use, to describe someone you love with disabilities!

        W.T.F. is wrong with you????

        Those are THE absolute most hurtful, degrading, insensitive & OFFENSIVE words you could EVER use, to describe folks who are mentally or physically challenged!

        Also, I doubt you’d be fighting the “Special Olympics” event so tooth & nail, if you TRULY had a brother with disabilities

        Chose your words wisely next time, as you sound like an IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED, TRUCULENT!
        (go ahead & google all the big words, we’ll wait… you twit )

      • nannyfor4site

        Well I was going to post a couple of pictures of him but don’t see where it will allow it. Sorry if my politically incorrect word choice offended you. His mental abilities WERE retarded by contracting spinal meningitis at 17 days old and when it had ran it’s course he WAS left physically crippled on his right side. You are the one attaching a negative connotation to that description over and above the negatives of the situation itself. He knows I love him. He calls me “Paiddee!” Because he can’t say Paige.
        What’s wrong with me?
        I have epilepsy. Not that I believe for a second that you were asking from any real concern.
        I think supporting the special Olympics is an awesome thing to do. Just so happens that I and my daughter both had similar bad dreams before we even heard about this event. She loves her uncle “Doobie” . That’s the nickname I gave him when we were both very young (from the Do Bees on a tv show) and it stuck. Don’t really care if you believe me or not, though it can be verified by my childhood best friend on FB if you really care. As for the rest of your tirade it rolled off like water off a ducks back because I pretty much expected this kind of response designed to hurt me but fell far short of the mark. After what I’ve lived through since developing epilepsy, including homelessness at one point, this virtual hatred means less than nothing to me.

    • Ingrid

      Geeze some amaze me!

      Inconvenienced is the realistic definition of self centeredness of all about “me”.

      Convoy Dates a month apart … you’ll find as with the Law Enforcement Torch Run they also are NOT all on the same day. But you don’t pick that apart.

      Those who have participated…Pay attention before posting and you’ll see one of the Drivers who participated Saturday posted Videos! And if you Google
      World’s Largest Truck Convoy you’ll enjoy many of us who have enjoyed.

      Chrome Shop Mafia Trick My Truck just hosted a Convoy in down town Joplin, MO last month. Called ‘Guilty by Association’ Over 350 trucks and they closed the whole downtown area for the event for Special Olympics.

      You can try to tear what we do apart, you can judge us, doubt us, place us as an inconvenience but in the end … None of you can live without us!
      America Moves By Trucks

      • nannyfor4site

        I’m not judging anyone. I’m not a sheeple either and quite aware of the great things truckers get done in America. But I will not discount a very unusual personal experience (and confirmed) by facts from strangers that can be manipulated. I’m just watching. I’ve done all that was expected of me at this time other than to pray and inform others to pray and share why I felt we should. When something troubles me and disquiets me I’ve learned to listen no matter what. What could be wrong with that? Glad y’all had fun and one person made a video of the trip. I’d like to see the media event at the arrival point for a truly worthy cause. It would help me feel better about it. But either way God’s got this.

  • Leslie

    Thank You to the people who took the time out to post links to the articles pertaining to this event. I have two children who competed in Special Olympics for the first time this year, so this was near a d dear to my heart…not everything is a “conspiracy” folks.

    • Jeff Lanthripp

      Yours is the first rational comment I’ve read on this page. Thank you for proving that *not everyone* on this page is a mouth-breathing conspiracy nutjob. :-)

  • Rebecca

    I totally agree with you, I have read other comments where people are criticizing us for our “conspiracy theories” and stating we can just research it on the special Olympics page, however, I would have never known it was taking place until I saw a post of it on Facebook! An event this huge should be publicized look how much media coverage the “bucket challenge” received! This very well could have been a convey done in the name of “special olympics” I’m just curious how many of those trucks were carrying items for a hidden agenda….

  • Jeff Lanthripp

    They didn’t buy the fuel; the participants did. The convoy has been held every year since 2004. The media don’t cover it because CNN and MSNBC can’t find a “blame Bush” angle and Fox News can’t find a “blame Obama” angle. It’s not interesting enough. The local news gave it 15 seconds between the weather and local high school football highlights.

    They did announce the road closures on the local news, giving it 10 seconds between Ebola and ISIS. Not our fault if you were watching Dancing With the Stars instead.

    I participated in last year’s South Carolina convoy. It raises quite a bit of money for the Special Olympics. The first and last truck in the convoy have giant banners on the trailers. There are elaborate ceremonies at both ends of the route. A great time is had by all, and for a good cause.

    But that’s okay, keep calling BS and add another layer of tin foil to your hat to keep the alien-CIA collaboration mind control rays out…

  • TV

    Raising awareness?! Yet no one is aware of what is going on? Yeah, believe me, there would have been plenty of advertising on the trailers if this were true. Not to mention the cost of fuel…big pile o BS.

  • editorkim

    If this were some nefarious government convoy, why wouldn’t they just send the trucks down the highway a few at a time at normal speed, so they would be inconspicuous? Seems that would be a better and faster way than closing down the road and putting the trucks all in a row going so slowly and coming up with a “cover story” of a Special Olympic charity event, of all things, and garnering all this attention… mostly from those who believe anything they read. Geez, people, THINK!

    • nannyfor4site

      As far as why they would or wouldn’t do this or that in plain sight, it’s unimaginable to me how we have had a President for two terms and yet no birth certificate or even what kind of grades he made in college published. Fascinating case study on the gullibility of the brilliant minds that were sold a doubtful package under a lot of hype. Not that I think we’d have been in better shape had it went the other way but it is interesting to me. I’m only really concerned for personal reasons but time will tell and I’m only passing through this world anyway. I know one day every hidden thing will be made known whether good or bad.

      • nannyfor4site

        “A few I do believe have proven that rationale and common sense is majorly lacking!
        You’re Batshit crazy.”
        Why thank you! That puts me with great company. You made my day Ingrid lol!

  • Ingrid

    When one gives a gift from their heart, time, compassion and money is NOT a Marketable Product. Seems the whole world has forgotten this in life …

  • Ash

    I know it could have been for special Olympics awareness but also why would FEMA, order mass supplies with 24 hour expected deliverance

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