Tucker the pig may be a family pet, but some Chesterfield leaders disagree

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- The Chesterfield Planning Commission voted 3-2 Tuesday night to reject a Brandermill family's request to keep their pet pig, Tucker.

Tucker is a 150 lb. KuneKune pig who has lived with the family for around two years now. The Johnson family has requested a conditional use permit to keep the pig because their neighborhood is not zoned for what the county considers livestock.

On Tuesday night over a dozen people spoke to the Planning Commission regarding Tucker's case. Many were in favor of the pig staying and said he's become a part of the community.


"We all embrace Tucker," said one neighbor, "I  have three children that I feel comfortable with them going down there anytime."

However, others expressed their concerns with Tucker and said they were worried with what kind of precedent this would set and fear it would bring their property value down.

"I don't think any large animal belongs in a residential neighborhood and that includes dogs," said another neighbor.

It's now up to the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors for a final vote. However, the Planning Commission will recommend that they do not approve the conditional use permit request.


Still, Tucker's owner, Mark Johnson said this fight isn't over.

"We will continue to do outreach with Tucker because he has a great story to share," said Johnson.

“Our whole thing is he is a pet, just like someone’s dog,” Kim Johnson argued.

Johnson said the 150-pound pig he is an “indoor pet” and that she was able to get him house broken in just three days. In fact, she said the pig “doesn’t have any house out back that he stays in.”


  • Kenny shumaker

    Thisnis about te family with the pet pIg why can these stupid HOA’s home owners assist ions leave people alone its a famy pet no matter what all animals have feelings theses HOA’s are full of a bunch of people who sit behind a desk all day thinking about how to make every ones life hell they think they know whats best when they really dont let the famy have their pet its a famy member thats like telling someone they can have a kid in their house its stupid just let them have their pig

  • Ms. Richmond

    He need to be on somebody table for Thanksgiving. If they love him that much then why don’t they move somewhere else. Having a pig in a house is nasty even for white people.

    • N2RVA

      Last time I checked skin color didn’t determine who gets to pay property taxes. The fundamental problem with your xenophobic thinking here is that you seem to believe it’s up to you to decide which skin color will live in your neighborhood. This article is about a 150-pound pig classified as “livestock” but just about everyone with a brain. I can’t wrap my mind around why these same people would welcome a pig, hog, snake or just about anything to live in their house with their children, eat from their tables, but will pack up and move if a black person moved next door.

  • aleinva

    I don’t have animals, but it’s well documented that pigs are incredibly smart, smarter than some dogs and in general make great pets. The are not dirty or nasty animalsI. feel bad for the family.

  • Jarede

    What if the family were to kick up the pigs value to the neighborhood. Teach to go into the retirement homes and reach out to the elderly, or autistic kids. There is a reading program for kids to read to dogs in schools – why not a pig?

  • Lin Tyler

    As the owner of two Kune Kunes, they are certainly pets rather than livestock. Mine are cleaner and sweeter than any of my other pets, dogs included.

  • Chesterfield Animal Lover

    I apologize to Tucker and his owners for the insensitive and hurtful comments on her posted by single-digit-IQ individuals. Any one with half a brain knows the merits of pet pigs, or pigs in general. But I guess it’s hard to think straight with a mouth full of fried chicken and watermelon.

  • athynz

    This is simply yet another example of an HOA run amok. I have to wonder if someone on that planning commission is in tight with someone on Brandermill’s HOA board or is a member of that HOA.

  • Lacedaemon

    This is crazy. If you want to live with pigs, goats, or cows, then move to a rural area. Don’t impose you insanity on the neighborhood. Incredibly nasty people allow pigs in their home.

    • April

      Actually pigs are easier pets to have then dogs. And since you can get small pigs, they could also take up less space than dogs. They’re very easy to teach to be house broken just like any dog. And do you not think that some people with dogs aren’t incredibly nasty people. It shouldn’t be a big deal as long as he’s not living outside and the owners clean up after it just like any dog.

  • kenneth church

    how is it anyones business what kind of pet they got. If its his property and the scenary of the community dont change he clean up after his pet no different from a dog. I thought we was a free contry. Not the case if your neibor can pick an choose who you or what you add to your family

  • April

    I’m just in shock that someone actually said that large dogs don’t even belong in a residential neighborhood. Maybe that person should find a house in the country away from everyone else so they don’t have to deal with other people’s pets. This is ridiculous especially if the pig stays inside. All people care about is their money and the fact that it might affect their property values, which really don’t matter unless you’re planning on selling it.

  • Ms. Richmond

    @ Mut.mouth Marci if your father the drank in the family didn’t took down the value in your project then I know nothing or no one else will even that pig. Don’t forget your child that steal from the corner store.

  • Brenda Croswell

    People need to leave these people and their pet alone! I think they need to be focusing more on child molesters, murderers, oh and hold up, how about gangs and drugs! There are some people who cant rest ubless they are making someone elses life miserable.

  • kathy kinsey

    Let them keep the pig. They can get a special permit-and agree to certain conditions if allowed to keep the pig.

  • Misti Rose

    The ignorance of some of the comments that have been left are astounding! Apparently, all of the celebrities that have piggies in their homes are “nasty white people”…. I know many people of different races, religions and sexual orientation that keep piggies as pets in their homes. Keep your negative and racist comments to yourself!

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