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Surprise! Mom finds out she’s pregnant the day this guy is born

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Misty Beaty and Scott Steele said they had no idea they were about to become parents until Misty went into labor. She had walked into St Luke’s hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Monday complaining of abdominal pains. She had no idea she was pregnant, much less full term and ready to deliver, according to a report on

"I was stunned, it didn’t even seem real," Beaty said. Adding to the shock was Scott's Steele's medical history.

Misty Beaty, Scott Steele and baby.

Misty Beaty, Scott Steele and baby Briggs.

Five years ago, Steele was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer. He has undergone extensive chemotherapy, and relapses, and was told without medical intervention he would probably never become a father.

So it appears little Briggs, all seven pounds 14 ounces of him, defied the odds.

Baby Briggs

Baby Briggs

"I’m still in disbelief," Steele said. "Part of me is so excited and feel so blessed and part of me is like, really?"

Baby Briggs will likely be released from hospital at the end of the week, but since the couple wasn’t prepared they have no diapers, no baby clothes and no furniture.

Beaty said to those who heard their story and questioned how she couldn’t tell she was pregnant for all those months:

"I didn’t have the weight gain, didn’t have the nausea, none of the morning sickness that goes along with pregnancy. Nothing,” she said.


    • Heather Barbour

      I agree babies moved; as for the period, certain birth controls you don’t get it. i was 5 months along when i found out i was pregnant.

  • MOOCHIE warren

    This can be very true becuz I found out I waz pregnant at 4weeks an my period came on until I waz LIK 5/6 months an stayed GOIN back to the dey where surprise dare self…. An had him when dey said I waz….. An wit my fourth child he did no moving at all an I stayed running back an forth to the DrDr….. so it may be true ..So plz DT judge

  • Kaitlynn Lee

    it is very possibly true. My mom didn’t realise she was pregnant with my eldest sister up until a week before birth. My mom never had weight gain or the sickness or anything. Everyone’s body and pregnancy is different so don’t try to say this is fake until you can understand that everyone is different

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