What this third-grader has accomplished will blow your mind

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AUSTIN, Tex. -- A Texas third-grader is at the top of his game in cyber-security at just eight years old.

In fact, Reuben Paul has his own company, Austin-based Prudent Games Inc., and is a noted speaker at nationwide conferences.

"I don't want to be bragging," the computer whiz kid and young entrepreneur told KEYE, but he specializes in writing thousands of lines of code as well as designing and developing apps.

His father is his business partner and employee.

"I don't mind if my dad's my managing partner I feel happy that he's working with me," Reuben laughed.  "I don't technically think that I'm totally his boss -- and everything."

Reuben Paul

Reuben Paul

In a digital world that can be overwhelming for adults, and with a slew of stores with data breaches dominating headlines, the third-grader wants to focus on your privacy.

His company produces educational and entertaining games on cyber security for kids and adults.

"Our motto is learn while you play, so we make entertaining apps so our customers learn while they play," Reuben said.

Rueben's latest creation is an app called “Cracker Proof,” which he describes as a fun tool to learn about building strong passwords.

"It should be strong enough that other people can't break it and easier enough for you to remember it," Reuben said.


Rueben's not just making waves around his elementary school.

"I once asked my mom what's the difference between a good hacker and a bad hacker. She said, ‘A good hacker always listens to his momma and a bad hacker doesn't,’’ Reuben told the crowd.

In September, he spoke to hundreds of professionals at the information security conference Derbycon 4.0 in Kentucky.

Earlier this month Reuben was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Houston Security Conference.

"I first felt nervous but then I got the energy to do it and I had a really fun time," Reuben said.


While Rueben does consider himself a hacker, he goes by this motto: With great hacking comes great responsibility.

And with many more apps in his future, he has an important message for his classmates.

“I want other kids to be safe in the cyber world because our world now is being coming cyber," Reuben said.


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