There were six fatal shooting in five days in metro-Richmond

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RICHMOND, Va. -- It was a violent weekend across the metro-Richmond area.

From Thursday to Monday morning, police responded to six homicides, one including a young man shot by his girlfriend's father. 

Richmond has had 37 homicides this year already, that's the same amount the city saw in all of 2013.

In the wake of growing crime, the faith community is coming together to try and make a difference. On Monday night 16 church congregations from across the Richmond region met at Union Presbyterian Seminary.

The group discussed issues like education, affordable housing and neighborhood safety.

RISC, which stands for Richmonders Involved to Strengthen our Communities, meets every fall to pick a problem in the community to help solve.
The group helped form the city's affordable housing trust fund this past year.

Local pastors say the issue of poverty and crime can't be ignored.


  • charlie

    and how is this news?what no protest,naacp,al or jessie over this.I must assume none of these killings involved a white on black?

  • Robbie

    “Local pastors say poverty and crime can’t be ignored”. “Affordable housing is needed”. My turn!!! Get off your lazy @$$es, get an education, raise your children in two parent homes and get a friggin job. Take initiative to better yourselves and quit blaming whites for your problems. For the sorry lazy whites…ditto!

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