Property where human remains found in Hannah Graham search called ‘Teardrop Hill’

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ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. - The results of an autopsy conducted on human remains found Saturday during the search for missing UVa. student Hannah Graham will soon be released.

The remains was discovered on an abandoned property off Old Lynchburg Road in Albemarle County.  Joe McDaniel said his family used to own the property.

"My grandfather actually built this house with his own hands," said McDaniel as he showed CBS 6 old pictures of the land.

McDaniel said the current owners maintain the grounds but added that no one has lived there consistently since his grandparents moved out years ago.

McDaniel said his grandmother called a portion of the property "Tear Drop Hill" after one of her sons was killed there during a wood chopping accident. The nickname is "very fitting" considering the current circumstances, McDaniel said.

"If that was my sister or my daughter, I don't know what I'd do," he added.

Police have not yet confirmed that the remains, taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office in downtown Richmond, are Graham.  After the remains were found, a search scheduled the next day, in the same area, was canceled. And the status of the case was changed to death investigation.


CBS 6 has learned the the prime suspect in Graham's disappearance, Jesse Matthew Jr., used to live only four  miles away from where the body was found. The abandoned property is also just over four miles away from where Morgan Harrington's remains were found.

Officers actively processed the area searching for physical evidence Sunday and Monday.

Forensic psychologist Mike Banks said their investigation is likely intensive and expansive.

“I’ve seen crime scene investigators crawling inch by inch with a magnifying glass,” Banks said. “You never know what you’re going to find in the bushes, you never know what you’re going to find near the body, under the body, on the body.”

Banks said that dental records could identify the remains, but that investigators want to be sure of their findings.

Rebecca Simmons, a manager at the Shell gas station on Preston Avenue that captured security footage of 18-year-old Graham in the hours before she vanished, said she recognized Matthew as a regular customer.

The Shell's owner said a member of Matthew's family even worked at the store for a brief period of time a few years back.

"You don't know people's past; what they do, what they've done," said Simmons.

Anyone with information about Jesse Matthew, Hannah Graham or Morgan Harrington is asked to call the tipline at 434-295-3851. All Hannah Graham surveillance videos can be seen here. All reports filed on this case can be found here.


  • outraged

    I’m so sick and tired of hearing all these false things about the owners and property on old Lynchburg Road .these neighbors are full of lies .The property that their picturing now, the small house at the beginning of the 3100 block has been owned and lived in since 1985 until 2014. Mr .McDaniel is justwanting his 5 minutes of glory by adding a fault story.Dr Awad who lives down the street is also is lying. If he hasn’t seen anyone on or at those properties, he must have had his eyes closed! The reputation of the property owners and the propertiesare ruined. Caroline Burns, hope you’re enjoying your 2 minutes. It’s people like you who give neighborhoods bad reputations even your though your comments are lies. These properties are either up for sale or for rent and beautifully maintained. Who would want to rent or buy property when they have been described as abandoned, run down, a horror movie set or unkepted? No one! No one would want properties like that. Stop your lies, stop your comments and get a life .You could be held liable for all this fraudulent abuse of the owners reputation and properties. People should not believe anything they read in the paper or hear on the news. More of it is wrong than right. Remember, they’re more worried about selling a story than providing the truth!

    • Bruce

      There does seem to be a lot of disparity in the description of the property by the neighbors and the pictures TV^ is using! The house in the picture hardly seems like a”horror movie set” and it’s quite obvious that someone is keeping the grass cut,unless this is just an old picture.CBS6 certainly is putting out confusing information though.

    • Dee

      How can you write to complain about property or reputations? A young woman at the best days of her life was murdered and dumped like garbage! Her family is ruined forever and all you can write is your concern about land and money! Shame! Shame! Shame on you for being so heartless!

      • outraged

        I was referring to the harm this has caused the land owner here as well and the neighborhood. Responding to the lies being told about the property owner and the neighborhood. Of course everyone is concerned someone’s remains have been found. The verbal bashing of the elderly land owner however was completely ridiculous. Instead of people being happy that someone has been found and that an accused man is in custody, people turned on the poor land owner who actually “was” on the property since Graham went missing, as was a lot of other people. Not only at are the Graham’ affected whether or not the remains are their daughter, but a lot of other people too.

  • John Tate

    This is absolutely the wrong house. Look at the aerial photos of the investigation to see the true location.

  • Dowd

    Please pray for everybody effected by this tragedy, especially The Graham’s, The Harrington’s and whoever else had to bury their child due to this monster. Hopefully more questions are answered in time and the healing can begin.

  • gingimlet

    These people should be held accountable for not searching their properties sooner, if so poor Hannah might have been disabled by her attacker for a week or so and could have been found alive or less decomposed to make determinants.

    • outraged

      At “NO TIME” has anyone asked if someone looked at property! Regardless, did you or anyone else who’s running their mouths volunteer to search properties if someone was unable or willing? I happen to know that several people were in fact at the property numerous times! Not once did they notice anything. ..that’s right. smells, no buzzards. So instead of character bashing, how about learning the facts first.

      • Dee

        You are wrong, they did announce and ask citizens to search their own property. If this were your child would you be wanting people to act like you? If you know so much about the property why didn’t you take the time to search? You are wasting your time spewing words about land and structures that mean nothing. No one would want to live there even it was free, it is a sad place that will never be happy.

      • findingmeg

        Wow…that will be a staggering twist. What if the remains are those of one of the other missing women, but the pants are Heather’s. Very interesting thought.

        I thought to myself that it’s pretty odd for there to be no hair. I understand tissue decomposition, but hair should still be on the skull. Unless the turkey vultures really did a number – or this body has been out there much longer than 5 weeks.

        Hopefully, we’ll get some answers tomorrow…they always did say Thursday at the earliest.

      • findingmeg

        I posted a reply about my flurb over her first name. Hopefully that will show up? Heather Graham is a horror author, and I typed it out of habit. I’m sorry about that! :(

    • Christian

      Are you also going to blame the property owners for the actions of her killer? For all you know, she might have been dead before her body was even dumped on that land. That girl probably had no chance at survival once she fell prey to the monster who did this to her. I have personally seen photographs of human remains that have been left outside and exposed to the elements and animals for much less time than Hannah Graham had been missing. And it doesn’t take long for bodies to begin decomposing. Next time, THINK before you jump to conclusions, Gingimlet. After all, your words bring to mind an old saying…’tis better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.’

  • Joe McDaniel

    First of all I am not lying… My grandmother owned this property as well as 3193 where the remains where found for MANY year’s until she sold it to Woodrow. My grandfather built this house which is the lot right beside the cedar house where the remains where found. My father used to get water and swim in the creed behind the properties. Outraged? Get a life and know your facts! :)

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