Virginia Supreme Court upholds Capitol Square gun ban

Chesterfield man faces attempted capital murder of officer charge after Midlothian Turnpike standoff

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RICHMOND, Va. — A 22-year-old Chesterfield man is facing attempted capital murder of a police officer and attempted murder charges after police said he prompted a standoff at the Cloverleaf Inn Sunday afternoon that shutdown a section of Midlothian Turnpike for several hours.

Richmond police said Monday that Paris A. Loving-Johnson, of the 4400 block of Pano Court in Chesterfield, was also served with warrants for two counts of domestic assault and battery, failure to pay child support and felony destruction of property.

Richmond police said an armed gunman has been taken into custody after prompting a The standoff shutdown a section of Midlothian Turnpike for several hours.

The chaos started around 3:45 p.m. when officers were called to the Cloverleaf Inn Motel at 5456 Midlothian Turnpike after a woman reported that her boyfriend had shot at her, according to Richmond police.

As officers pulled up, the male then shot at one of the officers from inside the motel room. That’s when officers backed up and called for backup.

Richmond police and fire crews responded, as did Chesterfield police and Virginia State Police. K-9 units and the SWAT team were also on the scene.

Midlothian Turnpike was shut down in both directions between German School Road and Covington Road for three hours as teams negotiated with the armed man holed up inside a motel room.

Witnesses told CBS 6 News that at least five shots rang out.

"Police and SWAT team and everybody was just running," said Starr Coe, who witnessed the chaos. "Then they made us move and bust a u-turn right in the middle of the street and told us to, 'Move, move, move!' So we got out and pulled over to see what was going on and they told us to move because something could ricochet."

Coe, who has lived in the area her entire life, watched the frightening scene play out.

"Southside is beginning to be the most dangerous neighborhood and side of town to live on," Coe said.

That sentiment shared by others who call the area home, including Michael Barker.

"These hotels are too much," Barker said. "With these drug activities, these guns, this violence."

It was a collective effort to try to diffuse the standoff that lasted through sundown before the shooting suspect surrendered to police at 6:45 p.m.

As the investigation stretches on, not only are police looking for answers, but so are those who live in the community.

"You are scared to ride down the street, you can get hit by a stray bullet -- it's just bad,” Coe said.



  • Daddy's girl

    I have yet to understand why these deadbeat baby daddies; yes, I said baby daddy ; continue to make the babies but refuse to take care of them!!! Only “fathers” produce children and willingly take care of them. Everything that was done in the past shouldn’t always be repeated. I bet his mother was a single parent who struggled to take of him. And you can’t blame one race for this happens in almost every human race. Now not only do the state has to take care of him but probably will have to take care of his child! I only hope that his child’s mother is a strong young lady who will work to care for their child; because depending on the state won’t provide him/her with much. And I hope she doesn’t take him/her for visits in prison either…(I wouldn’t!!!)


      I will say that I personally know this man. Your comments are actually inaccurate believe it or not this man comes from a broken family yes, but his mother is well educated and holds a government title.It’s really sad and unfortunate that this turn of events has occurred in this mans life he had potential but could not stray from this lifestyle

      • dee

        i know him too he stayed across the hall from me with a friend of his in woodman west and how can homegirl go in on him being a deadbeat when the childs mother was shot at forget child support that went out the window when he shot at her so child support has nothing to do with it as long as this childs mother life wasn’t taken away dang

  • Paula

    It doesn’t matter how a parent raise their children when they leave home they forget everything that they was taught. As far as child support it the woman fault sometime when they don’t make these men start paying the hour a child is born. The men think that if they buy milk one day pamper another day and keep telling the woman I love you that a woman shouldn’t take them for support. Some women are dumb enough to believe all that. Get his social security number and while he smiling acting like he happy to be a daddy make yourself smile when he see the support order.

    • dee

      so you saying that a woman should make a man pay as soon as the child is born dang its the mothers fault as well for laying down with him and making that child she/he cant make a child with out each other a man should at least get a chance and money isn’t everything long as men putting in that time with a child that’s what make men stray to the left cuz soon as a female pops that baby females like you wanna throw them papers messed up

  • Paula

    Dee since you so upset I can assume that you are a deadbeat man. As far as a woman popping out a baby as you put it. Maybe that what your mom did but that is not what a real woman do. Don’t get angry go downtown and pay up your backtime amount.

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