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UPDATE: Why Loudoun inmate hospitalized over Ebola fears won’t be tested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. -- Officials now say A Loudoun County inmate who traveled from Ebola-stricken areas of West Africa is not a risk to others.

The woman, who was arrested when she arrived at Dulles International Airport on Monday, was taken to a hospital Thursday as a precaution after coming down with a fever.

The woman was being held at the county's Adult Detention Center as she awaited extradition to face charges in Maryland.  Officials said that because the inmate had traveled from a high-risk area known for Ebola outbreaks within the past 21 days, the inmate was isolated and monitored at the ADC as a precaution.

But when the woman came down with a low-grade fever, medical staffers opted to transfer her to a hospital as a precaution. Loudoun County Fire and Rescue, which included medical and hazmat support units, along with members of the health department, were on hand as she was transported to Inova Lansdowne Hospital.

“As a precautionary measure, because she traveled from a high-risk area known for Ebola outbreaks, that inmate had been isolated and monitored at the ADC since her arrival on Oct. 13,” Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman said.  “This morning, after consultation with Dr. David Goodfriend, the Director of the Loudoun County Health Department, the inmate was taken to INOVA Loudoun Hospital Lansdowne, after showing a low-grade fever.”

Loudoun County Fire Chief W. Keith Brower said the county’s first responders have been preparing for weeks for the possibility of an Ebola-infected patient and they were readyl.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we did utilize a lot of resources, including a Medical Unit, Haz Mat (Hazardous Materials) Support, and BLF (Basic Life Support) Unit,” said Brower. “Interestingly, when we got the call, I was in a meeting on region-wide Ebola preparedness planning.”

However, doctors did not end up testing her for Ebola because they said she did not meet the necessary criteria.

The woman was originally screened by the CDC when she arrived in the country, but was given a clean bill of health and then sent to the detention center.


  • Sam

    How does an “inmate” go and come back from Africa???
    But – it doesn’t matter – our idiotic Government has already allowed the disease to enter the US – so it’s too late for everyone! It’s just a matter of time!! We are all doomed!!

  • Asok Smith

    “The patient had traveled from Ebola-affected areas of West Africa within the past 21 days. ”

    Obama: “Would you like some MORE Ebola served with those unrestricted West African visas?”

    Uncle Sam: “Why yes, I think I DO want some more Ebola. Thank you very much, Obama, for your thoughtfulness.”

  • craig

    so this lady came from africa and couldn’t follow the laws for even 21 days before being locked up,am I missing something?I say from now on if you come here from Africa because you realized your likely to get care,because thats whats going to happen now we put your arse right back on a plane with a pilot already infected and send you right back

  • Lawrence

    Stop blaming Obama for everything. I guess it’s Obama ‘ s fault that the little demon white boy murdered the 90 year old lady!!! Wrong!!!

    • Paul Turney

      Obama is to blame for Ebola comming into America .. this brain dead Democrat Cool-aid drinking Dictator is either incompetent or just to stupid to live … how can you be the Leader of the Country and not have a clue what your admin is doing right under your nose and even then when something goes wrong his 2 main comments are ‘I know nothing’ or ‘i only found out about it while i was watching the news’ and when he screws up he always throws someone under the bus but it’s never his fault … BS how can you belive that … this guy has done nothing to help the so called middle class. even though my income puts me in the poor. but according to our governement i am middle class. how about this you want to see first hand what Ebolo can do MR. PRES how about you or one of your childern get infected with it then lets see how fast you put a flight ban in place. but at same time you will blame the CDC and the other 2 for not doing something about it before

    • Paul Turney

      lol there will be no TEST … person don’t meet critiera for test … this is why our government is messed up … put a ban on flights comming from infected areas … if they want into this country put them in a quarnteen area for 21 days if they arn’t infected then let them come into america !!!

  • Gail Emerson

    Please correct spelling error. It is located in 6th paragraph at the end: “…an Ebola-infected patient and they were readyl.” (Should be “ready”).

  • troy

    no lawrence that would be like saying obama was to blame for the thousands of blacks killing each other and whites daily

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