‘You see dirt in the classrooms,’ Chesterfield student says amid custodial concerns

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va.  - In an effort to save Chesterfield County Public Schools $1.5 million, school leaders recently voted to outsource custodial services at eight of the county's schools to a company called GCA Services Group. CBS 6 first reported concerns of the conditions at Manchester High School and Swift Creek Elementary before school started in August.

According to a school source, there are now concerns with the upkeep by GCA at L.C. Bird High School.

"You can see dried spots and stuff, there used to be not all that, you see dirt in the classrooms," said L.C. Bird student Larry Levy.

CBS 6 was sent pictures of the field house locker room at L.C. Bird that were taken Monday night. Trash appears to be piled up along with other garbage on the floor.

The field house locker room at L.C. Bird High School

The field house locker room at L.C. Bird High School

Sources told CBS 6 the room still looked like that early Tuesday morning.

When asked about the situation, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance Andy Hawkins said he had not yet seen any of those photographs.

CBS 6 also obtained an email sent by a school employee at the high school addressing concerns on October 10, 2014.

Some of the concerns stated that the building was filthy, and there was dirt in piles throughout the hallway between the auxiliary gym and main gym.

The email also stated that doors were being left open and unlocked.

"Every week the principal has been creating a punch list that she sees as concerns and we have been address each one of those with the vendor," Hawkins said.

Hawkins said the cleaning at seven out of the eight schools GCA is responsible for is going well.

However, he said the school is working to correct any issues at L.C. Bird and the conditions will be improving.

In August, concerns were raised about GCA’s past hires and present performance.  Earlier this year, GCA Education Services employed a custodian who police later arrested for using a crawl space above a girls’ restroom at a Tennessee school to spy on students, according to a report in the Chesterfield Observer.

The Regional Vice President of Sales for GCA Services Group, Russell Leboff, did not previously answer any questions posed to him in August.


  • Ron Melancon

    And I bet the school system with their in enforced code of conduct like an other county that I know will get the teen into trouble for taking a picture of this trash. Looks like our schools can’t keep them clean …. So in Zrichmond we have leaking roofs, in Chesterfield we have trash in our schools and in an other county we have hand, foot and mouth disease. We can send man to the moon but can’t clean our schools.

  • kitty

    And talk about city schools… kids bring weapons and stabbing someone’s child… dirty and have molesters.. watching your daughters….

  • Ben

    Of course, the schools must be clean and sanitary but the students should not be allowed to discard their trash on the floors either. Anyone ashamed of this?????????????

  • Robo

    Another sad example of outsourcing. When I was in school (a 100 years ago…) there was a janitorial staff on duty.
    I never recall seeing any rubbish laying around. Now, in the name of economics, this service is outsourced.
    Sad and foolish.
    This is not to say that the students are responsible, but reality is that not everyone is going to have the same standard.
    How about the students and teachers fixing this?

  • Will

    GCA is AWFUL. There is another location that is a MAJOR employer in the Chesterfield area that is serviced by GCA. And the place is poorly kept. The restroom will make you want to puke! GCA is urine poor.

  • Ccc

    When you outsource jobs such as this to save money instead of hiring within
    The community, you get what you asked for. When when you idiots ever learn!!!!

  • Paula

    I don’t know why the kids act like they so upset. I bet their rooms at home look the same as the school. Maybe the one that took the pic got a family member that need a job and they trying to get the man fired.

  • Doris Davis

    Why is the trash on the floor in first place? Kids who are not told to clean up after themselves are the ones as adults trashing our highways and throwing trash in the ditches. Wake up people!

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