Police use spike strips to stop SUV – and then realize…

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FORT DODGE, Iowa — A man says he admits to going 30 mph over the speed limit as he zoomed past police early Tuesday morning, according to WHO. But he has a good reason — his wife was telling him not to stop.

Police started chasing the couple’s SUV on Highway 7 near the town of Manson. Officers finally caught up to the SUV after throwing out spikes and popping the tires. That’s when the couple was ordered out of their vehicle and reportedly held them at gunpoint.

Officers then realized why the pair were in such a desperate rush.


Ben Kohnen said he was on his way to the hospital around 4 a.m. because his wife, Rachel, was in labor with their fourth child.

Kohnen admits that he was going about 30 mph over the speed limit when they passed the officer, but he said that his wife told him the baby was coming and not to stop.

“I did tell him not to stop,” Rachel Kohnen admitted. “I think I was screaming, ‘Oh dear God, we can’t have the baby in the car.’”


The couple said they tried to call 911, but the dispatcher couldn’t understand Rachel in between her contractions.

“I know I was crazy lady screaming it into the phone,” said Rachel.

After police realized it was a real emergency, the mother was rushed to the hospital where she delivered, Hazel, a healthy baby girl, who is doing “really well.”


Manson Police Chief Tom Ritts said that no charges have been filed. However, he said that it will be up to the county attorney to decide if that remains the case.


  • Kim

    Those police should replace their tires! And held up at gunpoint? My gosh police are just getting trigger happy nowadays. If I were that mother, I’d be ticked off about this.

    • Optimist91

      Although the couple had a good reason to speed, they still broke the law and someone could have been killed from their speeding, so why should police replace their tires?

    • Coral

      Replace the tires, yes, but they we r just following protocol. They did not know the situation. They said said as a police chase, for some on who could potentially e armed and dangerous. They we r just doing their job.

  • reeltime

    Yes, and the sandwich had gunpowder residue on it. And also on the individual’s hands and clothes, but let’s not let facts get in the way.

  • Rob K

    Remember when people used to get out of other peoples way? No? I guess that was before your time. Back then, you didn’t need help to get to a hospital, you just went! You used your emergency flashers, and people let you pass. The police would help you, not hurt you. What a paranoid, helpless, pathetic path our society is taking.

    • kitty

      This is the,point blacks are trying to make about the Brown shooting …that’s why people are protesting cause police are out of control… with shootings and brutality…. you all need to Google ,read and watch all the police uncalled shootings and brutality to all races especially blacks….. but he should’ve stopped cause wwe all know the police always assume the worst and ready to shoot

    • Paula

      Roz you are so right. They probably would have shot the whole famiy and the baby. Then they have told a lie saying the baby had a gun. If the judge was white he would believe it

    • kitty

      Don’t you think she was calling to say… police are chasing us but I’m in labor my husband can’t stop….some people so book smart but no common sense…. your sad

  • David Fick

    It’s amazing how many people’s reaction to this story is to say “it’s a good thing they’re okay.” The correct reaction (if you’re not asleep) is outrage. The police are out of control. And those of you who would say “well, if you won’t stop for the police then you’ll be stopped by spike strips –that’s what you get, that’s the way it goes” are the very same people who don’t mind being treated like herds of cattle at airports because of non-existent terror threats, who believe government is looking out for our the citizenry, and who believe that police officers are “heroes” (FYI, heroes don’t run from danger or fire their weapons merely because they BELIEVE a suspect might harm them). If your mindset is that we must all “submit” and “obey” then we truly have lost what’s great about our country.

  • Dumbnews

    It’s amazing this story of heroism were a white baby is born versus the Gilpin Court story of 20 years ago that cbs6 news chose to relive that’s displayed black babies being murdered.

    Awesome news

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