Gillespie calls Warner accusations ‘deeply troubling’

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RICHMOND, VA  -- We are inside a month before Virginians head to the polls in the race for US Senate.

While Senator Mark Warner has lead at times by double digits, his campaign may be suffering from its first potential slip up.

This as accusations abound that Warner allegedly offered former Virginia State Senator Phil Puckett's daughter a corporate job or a federal judgeship if Puckett remained in the Virginia Senate.

Democrats fought tirelessly before Puckett eventually resigned to keep him there because without him Republicans would gain control of the chamber.

The accusations are coming from Charles "Chuck" James, an attorney who is representing members of the Puckett family.

"Mark Warner called my client, in an apparent  attempt to convince Senator Puckett to remain in the General Assembly, and asked if my client's sister would be interested  in a corporate job or as a federal judge. The offers were declined," James told CBS 6 political reporter Joe St. George.

James clarified his accusation Late Sunday saying the jobs prospects presented by Warner were "what if" and "would she be interested in" in nature.

Representatives from the Warner campaign did not immediately get back to CBS 6 for comment but aides did tell the Washington Post that Warner never explicitly offered Puckett's daughter any job.

"If the charge can be substantiated in any way it would be a rocky patch," CBS 6 political analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth said.

"This charge is nothing short of explosive," Holsworth added.

Holsworth cautions however that the accusations are coming from the Pucketts -- who are trying to avoid an indictment.

"This is really an organized part of a defense strategy," Holsworth said.

Warner's opponent in the November election Ed Gillespie issued this statement:

"The report that Senator Warner may have suggested a Federal judgeship or other job in relation to a political decision is deeply troubling. We all need more answers on this matter and he owes Virginians a full explanation of his actions."

Warner will likely address the issue head on Monday night at the People's Debate on CBS 6.


  • The Truth

    What they convicted Martha Stewart on insider stock trading information on 60 grand Mark Warner got away with it on His 200 Million dollars he made off of the inside trader information… Warner just a puppet for Obama and the Lilberals destroying our Country!!!!!!!!!

  • Becky

    With The Grand, Epic Democratic, staged, Media Production Number attacks, public assassinations and targeted kills; it will be extremely enlightenlng to see IF new era Government/Media, Inc. exhibits same, equal, Exact Standards actually applied to… Democrats.
    Interesting to see IF McAuliffe, Warner; even Jones, Holder and Obama would; certainly should, or could
    Stand Up/Man Up to the detailed scrutiny Democrats Dealt under their strict “Code of ‘Ethics’ Against Government Corruption”.
    Fat Chance of that under “Profiled Protections for Democrats” combined with run, hide, escape, evade
    refuse and Cover Up SOP.

  • Ron Melancon

    Yes but will the 30 second voter and the people on food stamos and welfare care? Or are they just a buch of mindless people who are told to vote for a talking head that promises and promises. The Fenocratic party full of lies that promises more free stuff that other counrties buy our debt

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