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Man arrested for Museum District hammer attack, robbery

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A 46-year-old Richmond man has been arrested for allegedly robbing and attacking a man and woman with a mallet as they walked home to the Museum District from Carytown Monday night .

Richmond police said Allen A. Kelly, of the 5800 block of Westover Village Drive, was arrested without incident around 4:30 p.m. Thursday in Chesterfield County .

Kelly was charged with robbery and malicious wounding.

“We’d like to thank our media partners and the public for their help in identifying the suspect. We also would like to recognize the excellent coordination with local law enforcement agencies which allowed us to quickly arrest the suspect in this violent robbery,” RPD Area 2 Major Michael Shamus said in a news release.

The 28-year-old male victim told CBS 6 reporter Wayne Covil earlier this week that he was caught off guard by the attack.

"I've lived in New York and I've lived in L.A. and nothing ever happened," he said.  "To be in the Museum District and to not just get robbed, but to have someone come at you with a hammer. I am still a little bit in shock."

The man and woman were walking along the 3100 block of Hanover Avenue just after 11 p.m. when they heard someone approach from behind.

"She made a noise that made me aware of someone walking up," he said. "I turned enough and ducked, so he did not hit me in the head. He hit me in the shoulder. It knocked me down. That's when he turned on her."

The man said the robber used the mallet to hit the woman, also 28, with one hand and stole her purse with the other hand. The woman was rushed to the hospital where she received more than 25 stitches in the back of her head, her best friend said.

"I did not really think the Fan/Museum District/Carytown area was sketchy at all," the friend, who is caring for the robbery victim, said.

This man injured his shoulder in Monday's mallet attack. His friend suffered a serious head injury.

This man injured his shoulder in Monday's mallet attack. His friend suffered a serious head injury.

The man whose shoulder was injured in Monday's attack offered a bit of advice to anyone who planned to walk the streets of Richmond at night.

"You have to be conscious when you're walking around at nighttime," he said. "Either be in a big group or take an Uber."


  • B ADDY

    Good job RPD. Is anyone else tired of this broken record? All of this day after day , from 12% of the population. WOW. Too bad the victim did not have a .45 and punch holes in this pos like swiss cheese.

    • Dave

      Considering the skin tones of those involved and recent events I would advise against self defense. Better to give up all possessions to avoid looting, rioting, etc.


      Way to race-bait and create even more division and hatred among the people. Of course the solution is vigilante justice and an increase in white-on-black crime which will lead to an endless cycle of black-on-white crime in retaliation. But race-baiters already know that and are begging for racial conflict to explode because they believe the side with the best weapons will win. Doesn’t matter if the city get’s destroyed in the process and innocent people are killed when those weapons turn out to be nothing but a soda can. Good job!


    Kkluckers and gun-nutters are all the same, looking to ignite racial conflict by any means necessary because they believe they have the weapons to win. They don’t give a flying flip about our city and the consequences.

    • manalishi

      So then, you support the viscous savage attack by this P.O.S Worse yet, you do not believe a person should defend themselves or at least that animals like this should be higher in the food chain than honest citizens. F-you.

    • Daddy's girl

      Sure hope nothing tragic ever happens to you or any family member of yours!! Keep this is mind: when wishing something bad on someone else don’ t let it back fire on you!!! Its sad how people look down on others. You should be praying for PEACE instead of your insults!!!

  • kyle

    if white go away whos paying for all your stuff.To think in some way you don’t need us just shows how stupid you really are.and its Mr kracker

  • Sam

    The number of racists comments is a testament the large proportion of low class ignorant people who post to this site.

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