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Video captures Christian boarding school life coaches, program director assaulting boy

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CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. -- It’s shocking video of four boarding school workers assaulting a teen boy they were supposed to be helping -- and their crimes were caught on camera.

The images were taken inside the cafeteria and sanctuary hall at Abundant Life Academy in Caroline County back in April.

The video shows a 14-year-old boy making a run for it, only to be snagged and then assaulted by three life coaches and a program director.

The four boarding school employees were arrested and charged with assault by mob and assault.

In court Thursday morning, the four struck a deal with the Commonwealth’s Attorney and pleaded guilty to simple assault.

Abundant Life Academy assault

"It's disheartening when it's proposed to us as a place where children are supposed to get back on track with life," said Nina Fogg, who live nearby.

Caroline County investigators got involved back in April when they say four teenagers escaped from the boarding school by stealing an ATV and driving it 28 miles to King George County. Deputies there detained the juveniles until Caroline investigators arrived.

Investigators said the boys opened up to them with allegations of assault and abuse at the boarding school.

"These children were brought into a situation that supposed to improve their lives with guidance, Christian fellowship and involve their families,” said Fogg. “And to find out there's abuse- that's not what any child deserves.”

Timothy Jordan, Jovanny Rivera, Carey Honea and Liam Galligan all pled guilty to simple assault.

Abundant Life Academy workers assault

CBS 6 tried to find out their employment status from leadership at Abundant Life, but our phone calls were not returned as of 11 p.m. Thursday.

Investigators said their investigation is ongoing and more charges could be filed. In fact, deputies said Galligan faces 12 counts of child endangerment. He’s accused of making teenage boys stand in a swamp for extended periods of time.


  • John

    Seems the other kids nearby wasn’t to interested by their reaction. Normal people gather and watch what’s happening. They seemed to not watch, wonder why. Maybe because if they saw and complained about it, it would happen to them. This is what bible thumpers do, they don’t just molest kids. Where is god and what is he doing about his followers? Looking for weak kids of course.

  • dune boon

    These places are where sadistic freaks pretending to be good christians are always found.Heard many stories over the years about places like this.

  • Jan Goodin

    Saddens me; where can youths who need discipline with love be sent? I am beginning to believe that religious schools for “at risk youth” are horrific. Please send law enforcement and supporters not connected to the school a message. Sick people cannot help sick people.

    • Paterno's Ghost

      From the look of those four freaks I’d say that the kids are getting plenty of “love” as well as discipline…..Sandusky style.

  • Robo

    Christian Values!
    Much like their sadistic Catholic Priests counterparts, they only use the guise of a school to get at their vicitms.
    Place should be shut down and those involved thrown in the pen!

  • Tbird

    There are already other schools in Florida in the running. The Tampa Bay times ran a week long series about all the schools in FL like Abundant Life Academy (which has locations all over the country anyway) just last year. People should stop feigning shock and disgust like they’ve never heard of this happening before.


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