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RICHMOND, Va. — Marathon runners won’t hit the streets of Richmond for another five weeks, but when they do they will be part of a record-breaking crowd.

More than 6,100 marathoners have submitted their names for the Anthem Richmond Marathon. More than 9,200 have signed up for the American Family Fitness Half Marathon. Both races “shattered” last year’s record-breaking number of entries (6,103 and 9,118 respectively), according to the Sports Backers.

Sports Backers marketing director Scott Schricker credits Mother Nature for helping the marathon break its own record.

“We got a bump two years ago when Hurricane Sandy postponed the New York City Marathon. More than 900 marathoners flocked into Richmond that year and we delivered a great experience,” Schricker said.

He said most marathoners choose their races after hearing about cities and race routes from other marathoners.

“That really has helped us get the record,” Schricker said. “Marathoners choose their races by word of mouth.”

Schricker said he expected the half-marathon to reach its cap of around 10,000 runners. The marathon has no cap. People can sign up the night before the November 15 race.

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