Court rules 3rd District fouled by ‘gerrymandering’

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A panel of federal judges declared Tuesday that gerrymandering fouled Virginia's 3rd Congressional District, and its current congressional maps are unconstitutional.

New maps will need to be submitted.

That district covers includes all of the independent cities of Petersburg and Portsmouth, parts of the independent cities of Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk and Richmond, all of the Counties of Charles City and Surry, and parts of the Counties of Henrico and Prince George.

Bobby Scott currently represents the district and has for eleven terms, or since 1993.

Within the new district boundaries the black voting age population increased from 53.1 percent to 56.3 percent.

The plantiffs alleged that the Republican state lawmakers who drew the boundaries unfairly grouped too many African-Americans into the district, to weaken the influence of "minority voters."

The legislature ignored constitutionally required redistricting criteria including compactness and contiguity, and unnecessarily split localities, the court ruled.

When the lines were drawn previously, Democrats proposed having two districts with a heavy black population, but it was rejected by the Republican-controlled legislature.

Democrats will likely get their way, not just because of Tuesday’s ruling, but because there is now a Democratic governor.

“The General Assembly plan has to go to the governor and eventually has to get his approval. He'll have veto power over this,” said CBS 6 political analyst, Dr. Bob Holsworth.

State lawmakers were ordered to pass a new map by April 1, 2015.

Scott is up for reelection, but his campaign will not be impacted by the ruling.

“I was not involved in this lawsuit,” Scott wrote in a statement to CBS 6. "However, during the last round of redistricting in 2011, I was a strong proponent of the redistricting plan sponsored by State Senator Mamie Locke, which made all congressional districts in the Commonwealth more compact and contiguous."

"I hope and expect the General Assembly will more equitably and appropriately balance the influence of all Virginia’s voters, as mandated by this decision, when they redraw the third congressional district and adjacent congressional districts next session," Scott said.



  • Blackbeered

    Only 9% [1 in 11] of Virginia’s Reps are black, while blacks constitute 19% of the state’s population.
    By “concentrating” the blacks in one “gerrymandered” district, blacks are being denied a second seat in Congress, so the thinking goes in the Governor’s Mansion and the DNC; not surprisingly, the Democratically-controlled 4th CU.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has now agreed.

    They’ll get a second seat; you can bet it’ll be a new district centered around Richmond [7th] and the D.C. area [8th and 11th]. Maybe they’ll carve out a Hispanic District while they’re at it; even though half of Virginia’s 710,000 Hispanics are in the State illegally, the Democrats will use the opportunity to “gerrymander” a seat for this 9% of the population.

    This is all a set-up for Hillary’s run in 2016; Virginia’s gone Blue and there’s no going back. 10.1.0 becomes 8.2.1.

    • dune boon

      After Obama blacks are lucky to get a seat anywhere.It was very enlightening to see him and his in action.

  • david

    Look at the district boundaries. They are obviously contrived and totally wacky. Districts should follow other existing boundaries (i.e., county and city), and the representative should represent all the people, not their race. And if that’s not constitutional, then we need an amendment.

  • G W

    Speaking of politics, how will Cantor’s ex-district swing? Will the old guard republicans swallow their pride and vot for the t-bagger (who has now changed his tune to pander to them)? Or will they abstain and possibly give the district to the democrats? Or vote independent?

  • Officer Darren Wilson is a HERO !

    Good riddance ! GW …T bagger? say that to the face of a member of the Tea Party and see if you aren’t picking your teeth up off the concrete you Marxist twit.

  • Becky

    Democrats, historically, can;t even CHEAT fairly. When CAUGHT for deliberately doing what they DO;
    they PC Easy BLAME their opponents.

  • Becky

    PC Easy Lifetime Rewards, Power and Benefit Package for Infamous Bobby Scott’s 98% Votes of Total Servitude
    to his chosen “favorite(s)” over and above Oath to “Serve ALL his Constituents”. Two percent of time, he’s absent.

  • Becky

    IF a matter of Democratic legality, ethics or “Corruption”, Media protects, covers up, hides and removes ASAP, with NO outrage, investigations. or years long “coverage” as PC Government/Media, Inc. Going…Going…Gone.
    The pungent, permeating, Political Odor …persists..however.

  • AP

    Blacks don’t vote anyway so I don’t see the problem. The people who elect black politicians are self-hating white liberals.

    • dune boon

      The job market really brings me a smile considering all the young white college kids that campaigned for him are going through.Hope and change,how is that working out for you dummies.

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