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Jayquail Warren

Jayquail Warren (SOURCE: Richmond City Sheriff’s Office)

RICHMOND, Va. — A man arrested nine times has gone to extreme measures to visit the city’s new Justice Center, according to Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody Jr.

It all started on Wednesday around 2:30 p.m. when a Richmond City Sheriff’s Office employee spotted a man in the Justice Center parking lot allegedly trying to break into a jail worker’s vehicle.

Deputy Donald Palmer confronted 23-year-old Jayquail Warren, who claimed he was trying to collect his phone from a relative’s vehicle.

However, when Warren took off running toward Oliver Hill Way, a foot chase ensued. RPD Officer Chad Collin spotted Palmer chasing the suspect and the pair captured Warren in the woods behind a vacant building .

Officials said that Warren had two credit cards belonging of the vehicle’s owner, who was a sheriff’s office employee .

Warren was arrested on credit card theft, entering a vehicle to commit larceny and outstanding warrant for theft charges.

Sheriff C.T. Woody, Jr. called Warren a repeat offender.

“Mr. Warren was a ‘frequent flyer’ at the Richmond City Jail, serving time on nine occasions since 2009, mostly for larceny. He must have really wanted to see the new Justice Center,” Woody said in a statement. “I would like to commend each person involved in this situation. From the witness who paid attention when she knew something was wrong, to Deputy Palmer and Officer Collins for affecting a proper arrest, they are equally responsible for making our neighborhood safer and more secure.”

The 1,032-bed Richmond City Justice Center opened in July.


  • joker

    Are they going to keep slapping him on the wristsand finally give him some real time? Seriously this is proof that the jails aren’t helping with repeat offenders or as the moronic sherrif would say frequent flyer. That is straight classless from a classless POS sherriff.

  • dune boon

    Anyone that knows the city jail knows he will be lucky if he is’nt the victim of “random”violence.

  • latrice Allen

    I no him he might need some help he might angry about some things in his life we don’t know he being hurt

    • Belsma

      Let me try to make sense of your comment: I know him and he may need some help. He may be angry about some things in his life. We are not sure if he is hurting.
      Does that sum up what you were trying to say?

      • reeltime

        Belsma, you get an “A” in ebonics translation. Or maybe it’s just an 8th grade level attained through RPS.

  • Glen Allen

    Let’s see, it was a non-violant offense, not drug related. They will likley give him a shower, a few meals, then send him to Carreras to get fitted for a nice new ancle braclet, and sent on his way. Remember, the new jail that Mayor Jones built is not large enough for this type of thing. The boy will have to murder someone to get a room there.

  • Becky

    New Era Justice, slanted to the criminals, with easy Catch/Release/Repeat/Recycle/Rotate,
    easy get out of jail free on “personal recognizance”, and No jail time for non-violent offenders
    was orchestrated as perfectly correct. Allows Do Injustice stats to be easily contorted to Forward Agendas for favorite folks, when administered by party official operatives, at all echelons, nationwide. Laws and Enforcement are not the Party’s strong suit. Manipulations, cons and hoaxes Work!,
    … if produced, directed, and propagandized Correctly, to cover up, twist, and hide Failed Government.

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