Will FCC try to ban use of “Redskins”? Agency drops blackout rule

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Frank Beamer expects quarterback Michael Brewer to improve this week

The FCC lifts the "blackout rule" for professional sports. NFL not likely to drop it themselves

Could the FCC fine stations for using the term "Redskins"?

The NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition will hold 3 qualifying events in the Richmond area

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  • Becky

    FCC is a Federal Agency. Yet another agency is used and abused to Forward one Political Party’s Attack Campaigns, Agendas, and SOP/MO; in conjunction with their Media arms and and armies Nationwide. How long has it taken for perfectly correct Political Outrage to suddenly occur now? Being Staged along with their War on the NFL. their Angry Attacks have become their Party’s Trademark for their Exclusive Freedoms, ramrodded over and above ALL others.

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