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Council member fires one staffer, hires man living with her

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) -- A CBS 6 viewer who wants to remain anonymous contacted CBS 6, claiming that Richmond City Councilwoman, Michelle Mosby fired a former staffer and replaced him with another man living inside of her home.

Mosby said she sees nothing wrong with firing her old city council liaison and replacing him with a man living with her. She calls that man a friend and her pastor.

“I have a problem with the fact that everyone wants me to help 23,000 people I don't know, but I can't help a friend I’ve been knowing all my life? How fair is that?” asks Mosby.

Mosby says she simply admires the man's work ethic and his ability to communicate with Richmond residents living in the ninth district, part of the duties for a council liaison. The position earns between $35,000 and $60,000 a year.

Mosby says that even though they live together, their relationship is strictly about business and nothing more.

“We live there, he has his own quarters, his own bathroom; his own,” says Mosby.

We checked to see if this arrangement violates any city codes. City leaders we spoke with off camera say Mosby’s termination of one employee and replacing him with someone she lives with is not illegal.

CBS 6 also double-checked the city's personnel policy. While there are some restrictions in place for employees living in the same household, it doesn't prevent a manager from hiring someone who shares the same home as their employee.

Mosby tells us, she understands the concern, but doesn't believe employers should be prevented from hiring qualified friends or even family members, as long as they can get the job done. “Uzziah knows, if he plucks me, I’ll fire him,” says Mosby.

The City of Richmond does prevent manager and department heads from hiring relatives.


  • lt

    conflict of interest. Is he renting a room from her? especially a public/ gov’t position.There is some attraction, perhaps sexual in nature. How is he thanking her for getting the job. And half the black people in Richmond are pastors so so what.

    • marie

      Half the black people in Richmond are pastors? huh, what? I get that you’re being sarcastic, but I don’t get why? I don’t think anyone gets the vibe that a lot of black people who live in Richmond are pastors.

      I for one, would like to know why she fired the other person? Was it just to hire this guy instead? Cant the fired one take legal action? “If he plucks me, I’ll fire him” if he plucks you? I’m pretty sure, employees pluck managers all the time but they don’t get fired just like that. This was an unethical turn of events.

      • .BO

        Marie,I;m talking about black men.I never pretend to be something I’m not and they are weak and that is exactly how I saw them.All the monkees get religion when they are looking at time.weak cowards.

      • Omar Little

        I agree with LT, almost all the blacks I work with are “pastors” or “reverends”, and they have the morals of an alley cat. Must be a way to cheat on taxes or something like that for them. If she wants to hire her boyfriend, then let the voters decided if it is proper. Otherwise, who cares?

    • marie

      yes, it’s true everywhere, not just in city government. This is case was just exposed. I stopped applying for City jobs long ago. A bunch of nepotism in the city, smh. The city government is just corrupt on so many levels.

  • SSS

    If he “plucks” her, she’ll “just fire him”. Highly professional.

    As far as city government goes, it’s like slavery/segregation/racism/holocaust, as long as it exists and people just excuse the behavior, it will continue.

    Richmond, you voted her into office… what are you going to do about it?

  • TS

    It may not be illegal but certainly unethical. And that lack of ethics is a huge reason why there are so many problems in leadership.

  • SOTS

    Systematically replacing expected professional decorum and deportment with entitled, contentious, belligerent thang while preaching and demanding “respect”. Hum. Let’s hear from the fired liaison.

    • BO

      I doubt city council hires anyone they don’t have something on and can control.They are learning from the white man something anyway.

  • John

    I like Michelle Mosby. I believe she truly cares about improving the lives of citizens in her district and the city. She has not made any ethical blunders to this point in her political career. Although this instance doesn’t appear that she sought out the best person for the job, she went with a person she has witnessed making positive communications within her district.
    And, like many other comments have pointed out, politicians have always awarded jobs and contracts to their friends and associates. It is the spoils of winning.

    • manalishi

      “It is the spoils of winning” So, corruption is “the spoils of winning”? Democrats (all of which have low standards) are so easy to identify as soon as they speak.

    • Holden

      >”She has not made any ethical blunders to this point in her political career.”
      That we know of. Call in the Spanish Inquisition.

  • Eric Holder should be in jail

    Are you surprised to find rampant corruption in a city government controlled by racist black people ?

  • DMK

    In this situation perception is everything. Who is to say that this employee of Ms Mosbey will not be shown favoritism when it is evaluation time and another employee under her purview is ranked lower. Maybe, maybe not. It will never sit well no matter how she tries to justify it.

  • SMC

    I work on a job where the entire family of the boss works here. We all know other companies where they hire friends and family always. This is the backbone of corporate America. I’m not sure why people are saying this makes her corrupt or racist, it’s probably the same way most of you got your job. Michelle is not a racist. At the last city meeting that was held for the 9th district, she was there helping everyone. We love to tear down anyone trying to make a difference.

    • manalishi

      ” We all know other companies” Companies would be the key word. The topic here is government based on tax$. Private sector can abuse it’s own resources any way it wishes.

  • Robbie

    I also have a problem with the statement she made about”I have a problem with the fact that everyone wants me to help 23,000 people I don’t know, but I can’t help a friend”. Now correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t she elected by those very same 23,000 people to do just that?

  • R Moffett

    What is technically legal, what is ethical, and what inspires citizen confidence in government clearly are not always the same things. Among other things given the public sensitivity to impropriety, deprivation of honest services, and corruption, appearances do matter. And the appearance of this situation is not a good one.

  • brandon1021

    City of Richmond is a joke……….let the people in charge keep stealing our money….you get what you pay for, Richmond is mostly a slum and know you can see why…….I thought Obama had a problem with the Rich getting Richer (did you see her house), oh its only if you are white

  • Ken M

    As someone working on Behalf of the people giving a helping hand to friend should just never happen. Public service means putting others in front of yourself. Too bad this person entered public life without that understanding.

  • Love the city, hate the government

    I would be curious to hear how she fired the previous person and if, in fact as someone else mentioned, can he or she sue? And yes, I found her use of “plucking” interesting. So she doesn’t use objective data to evaluate her employees but whether they are “plucking” her or not?

  • Silver Persinger

    The very definition of CRONYISM! Ms. Mosby is the one who isn’t qualified for the job! If you want proof, listen to what comes out of her mouth. It is ridiculous every time. Her skin is too thin and she’s not too bright.

  • smh

    Perhaps this liaison was needed in order to make her look like someone who can speak English. Perhaps he was needed to help her get to know the people who elected her. Perhaps he was needed to enhance her own income. I feel like I’m 3 for 3 here….

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