Redskins fan: ‘Daily Show’ tricked me into appearing with angry Native Americans

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DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. -- Area fans who offered to defend the Washington Redskins name on national TV came face to face with angry Native Americans, in a surprise confrontation.

It happened after the group were asked to go to Washington, D.C.  to defend the Redskins name for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Comedy Central.

Redskins fan Brian Dortch said he bleeds burgundy and gold.

"I guess you could say, I'm one of the Burgundy and Gold Bleeders," Dortch said from his Dinwiddie County Home.

So when Comedy Central sent him an email to appear in a recorded segment for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," he jumped at the chance because.

"It would be other Redskins fans defending the name. You know, giving their opinion on why they think it's right," he explained.

Dortch and a Petersburg man traveled by train on Sept. 13 to Washington,  D.C. and joined two other fans for the taping.

Then about three and a half hours in, according to Dortch, the Daily Show's correspondent stopped. That's when the unexpected happened.

"In walked eight seemingly angry Native American's who did not want to let us have a word at all," Dortch said.

At that moment Dortch says he felt "definitely set up" and disappointed.

Dortch said he specifically asked several times if there would be anyone else involved in the segment and even questioned staffers when he signed a release.

"Nowhere in there did it say that we're going to pull some shenanigans. That we already told you, we were not going to do."

Dortch said he has not idea when the segment will air and has some concerns about how it will ultimately be edited and presented on TV but he adds he is willing to debate anyone about the Redskins name, as long as everyone is honest up front.

CBS 6 asked civil attorney if the four guests may have a court case if the segment airs.

"Definitely the people could have a claim," attorney Keith Marcus said. "If there was misrepresentation to what was to take place and if that misrepresentation then puts them in a bad light, they clearly might have something to work with."

Stay with and CBS 6 News for updates on this developing story. 


  • Ember Jackson

    Stupid fans. Cry a little bit more about why you couldn’t give ‘their opinion on why they think it’s right’ …HA U dumb idiots got snuffed out by “seemingly angry Native Americans”. Go shed some more false white tears…wah wah!!! Truth hurts doesn’t it????

  • DC native

    Change the name. It’s no longer acceptable to use skin color as a sports mascot. No other race would or skin color would allow it. Why is it ok for red but not white or black or yellow.

  • Seminole Girl

    Let me get this straight, these 4 are upset because they were misled about the show? I’m thinking the American Indian was misled many years ago.

  • Petersburger

    Why do you think it was your right to be racist, but not be confronted with the people harmed by that racism? Plus, it didn’t even show the confrontation on the show! You’re just a big baby.

  • Dave Mills

    The Daily Show will take your comments and portray you in whatever way they want. That’s what they do. Whether they ambush you or take your comments out of context, that’s what they do. Before you show up for an interview, do your homework and watch the show.

    That’s for any interview, a job interview or Wendy Williams. You find out about the interviewer and the subject or the job or the company. I mean, come on. This is basic common sense.

  • howiefelterup

    If you ask, many southerners “think” the Rebel Battle flag [used as “the Confederate Flag” by the uneducated] is not racist. It represents history, heritage, and the southern way of life, they will tell you. No, it represents a portion of our country that built a way of life for themselves on the backbreaking work of slaves. This group couldn’t admit Black people deserved the same rights as White people, and knew whipping and lynching were humane for Blacks. They were wrong , and today, if someone proudly display the flag in question, they are celebrating something that should never be celebrated. What we have here is the same thing. The symbol and name are offensive, and represent a time when the Native American was being hunted like animals, or a time when the Native Americans were marching to many deaths on the Trail of Tears. The symbol does not represent a “proud culture” for those real Native Americans, or First Nation. The Confederate Flag does not represent a proud culture either.

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