WATCH: Lawyer for Jesse Matthew, suspect in Hannah Graham’s disappearance, goes off on reporter

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(CNN) -- He's his lawyer. And he was hired on Saturday.

That was all James Camblos, an attorney for the only known suspect in the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, would tell reporters Wednesday.

"I am Mr. Matthew's attorney," he said about Jesse Matthew.

"I was hired on Saturday. That's the only thing that I'm going to confirm at this point. The family and I -- nobody is making any statements at this point in time. We might later on, but right now we are not," said Camblos, who spoke outside his office in Charlottesville, Virginia.

His comments came just one day after authorities obtained an arrest warrant against his client, who is wanted on suspicion of abduction with the intent to defile.

Police believe Matthew was the last person with Graham. She was last seen September 13 in an area of Charlottesville known as the Downtown Mall. Investigators have been looking for her ever since.

They are circulating a wanted poster for the 32-year-old Matthew, who is also wanted on suspicion of two counts of reckless driving.

According to Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo, Matthew willingly went to a police station over the weekend, when there was no warrant for his arrest.

He asked for a lawyer. They spoke and then left, Longo said.

Camblos confirmed that he was the attorney who met with Matthew at the police station.

"I'm not telling you anything else at this point," he said.

Authorities are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the safe return of Graham, 18, a second-year student at the University of Virginia.


  • Nancy Drew

    Another dowdy public defender looking for a big storyline high profile case to boost his sluggish law practice. We have a name for them in this country: they’re called bottom feeders!!

  • Meaghan

    It seems like this guy has a double life. Volunteering at the Covenant school, a CNA at UVA hospital, talking about how religious he is. He just wants to be well liked…but then preying on young vulnerable girls at night

  • Blackbeered

    He doesn’t “go off” on Joe St. George. He basically asks Joe “are you stupid or are you deaf”.
    Joe’s only intelligent comeback would have been “look, I’m a poor slob trying to earn a living and if I don’t ignore what you tell us, I could get fired.”
    [So, Joe, you get to pick and choose what you ignore? Or is that your boss’s call?]

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