Virginia company creates ‘radar gun’ to catch people who text and drive

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HARRISONBURG, Va. -- It is against the law in Virginia to text while you drive, but it could be difficult for police to tell what a driver is actually doing with the phone in their hands. But that might not be a problem for police much longer. ComSonics, a Harrisonburg-based company, has worked to develop a device a that can help police figure out if a driver is sending a text or not, a company spokesman told

The device, which would resemble a radar gun, is designed to pick-up specific frequencies your phone sends out when you send a text message.

While the company spokesman said ComSonics was nearly ready to start making the device, he said Virginia lawmakers and police agencies would have to be on board before production were to begin.


    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      I put a “Nanny Cam” on my wife’s car to make sure she behaves. The rule in the house is “no cell phone use while the car is moving”. I don’t care if it’s on speaker phone, it can wait or pull over. You’ve got to set the rules early, or they’ll just jack up your insurance premium.

    • FTexters

      Infringe upon your personal life?! Do you know how many people are killed or injured because some dumb*ss decided it was so important to send out a text? Distracted driving impairs sense on a level comparable to drunk driving. Or do you think stopping drunk drivers is also an infringement on your personal life?

  • Linda Parham

    I think its a great idea. Texting while driving is as irresponsible as drinking and driving. My daughter will be driving soon and I want her eyes on the road as well as other drivers to watch our for the idiots who still think they can control a 3000 pound vehicle without looking at where they’re going!

  • Bill

    So what happens when my children in the back seat are texting? Does this then give the police probable cause to pull me over and then look for some other infraction? Which is usually the reason you are stopped anyway. Some minor violation which then give the police an opportunity to find something more painful to your wallet.

    • cronin

      Excellent point Bill. I wanted to say the same thing. I can send a text through my car system by voice without even needing to pickup the phone. Example: Running late, will be there soon.

  • riverboy10

    I don’t use text anymore, so 2012. The new technology that kids these days are using with apps like Kik, WhatsApp, Hangouts, etc is IM or Instant Messaging. It is the same as texting in the physical sense, but it is sent through your phones data plan, therefoe bypassing the frequencies, that your phone would use, while traditional texting .

  • BigBadGeorgian

    I don’t like it. More government and less freedom. That’s why people have auto insurance. You get hit by a texter you sue their insurance. Virginia is running a deficit so no way this is NOT a priority.

    • What a moron

      When someone sending a text t-bones your car and kills you, let me know how suing their insurance is going for ya.

  • Unknown

    Uh, no. My phone will use the same GSM bands to send a SMS as it will to synch data, or any other action. This would get tossed out in court so fast.

  • Nicholas

    This is useless. I text and drive all the time but it’s all hands free. This would be impossible to determine by the officer or this “texting radar gun”.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      Sounds like you’re sh*t out of luck. You’ll have to wait until you’re stopped to talk to your “bestie” about that cute boy you that said “hi” at starbucks, but you didn’t have the courage to just walk up to and buy a cup of coffee.

    • SeiSei

      I use hands free as well. My phone reads the text to me and I can tell it to reply back, not touching of the phone needed. And Mo? Sorry the rest of us actually has a life that warrants being called by someone other than your poor oppressed wife.

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