Juror questionnaire offers new insight on McDonnell trial

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RICHMOND, Va. --  A copy of the questionnaire jurors in the federal corruption trial of former governor Bob McDonnell were given before they could hear the case.

The 99 questions covered everything from if potential jurors ever sold dietary supplements to whether they or someone they knew had ever worked for former first lady or governor.

Robin Trijullo, who six weeks confined to the federal courthouse in Richmond, said the process was at times excrutiating and "very time consuming."

Trijullo said listening to the countless hours of testimony and evidence presented throughout the trial was like nothing she ever experienced.

"It was tiring at the end of the day. It was like information overload," said Trijullo, who was the 12th person to be picked from a jury pool of 140 people.


Judge James Spencer released the 26-page blank jury questionnaire on Thursday. The purpose of the form was to shorten the jury selection process.

The questions asked jurors:

  • If they ever contributed to the McDonnells' defense in any way
  • If they contributed to the McDonnell's campaign
  • If they ever sought help from any public official
  • Whether they had ever completed an application for a home mortgage
  • If they sold dietary or nutritional supplements?
  • If they used Anatabloc or ever owned any stock in Star Scientific?

Additional questions pertained to the high-profile case. And Robin Trijullo was on of those jurors who found the McDonnells guilty on nearly all charges.

In the end, she said she was glad she was selected for the jury.

"Yeah, I think we all took it very seriously. We didn't take it for granted what we were called to do," said Trijullo.

The McDonnells are out of jail, but both face up to 30 years when they're sentenced in January.


  • Courtney S. Haynes

    This story needed some editing after the spellcheck was run. It was hard to understand part of it because of that.

  • The truth

    This federal Judge had to go thru 140 people to get 12 jurors.. You call this a fair trail??????? I call it finding the right people to convict……. This trial was Federal corruption at its best….

    • athynz

      This was a liberal progressive backed witch hunt from the start. And the media has played right into it. I recall one article about some shady issues with McAuliffe when news of this first broke and yet no one dug deeper into those issues. This was nothing more than the party in power using Federal resources to go after one they consider an enemy – just like them using the IRS to go after the Tea Party and other right leaning groups.

      • TheRealBecky

        Nonsense again -This investigation began when McDonnell was in office (in power). If is impossible for you to even have credibility (or to even comprehend facts) when your view is so slanted.
        Was there ever a Republican felon who wasn’t the victim of the “lame stream media”?
        Let’s just agree on the fact that Bob McDonnell is just as innocent is as Rob Blagojevich.

      • athynz

        @NOTtherealbecky – The STATE investigation started and was completed while he was in office with the state finding he did nothing against the law. This suit was filed by the Federal Government and we all know who is in power there. Perhaps it’s your view that is so slanted you are unable to comprehend the facts.

  • Manlishi

    I’ll give it credibility when the same prosecution goes after Kaine for his “vacations for appointments” quid pro quo when he was governor.

    • David

      Manalishit … No one cares what you give credibility or what you think. My bad, maybe a low class, low IQ, juvenile may care.

      • athynz

        Typical response from David/Troll/Timmay – the insults to one’s betters, the lack of commenting on the article, and the general willful ignorance. Go back to your mom’s basement you lying cowardly troll – you have no sort of credibility here.

      • athynz

        petie, petie ….. grow up, get some education, take a bath.”

        Wow David you are all over my comments today – what’s the matter, business dry up on your assigned corner? Tell your mom to find you a busier corner – at least once that “cold sore” clears up stalker boy.

  • athynz

    I’d like to know if similar forms were used in other trials involving former governors and allegations of corruption. If not then what was the precedent?

    • manalishi

      As an interesting note, the federal judge in the Gov. Perry indictment seated a democrat delegate to the grand jury. That would be a first clue.

      • athynz

        I would like it if you knew anything. athynz the scab halfwit sociopath.”

        “Scab”? That’s a new one… did widdle David go to the doctor for that suspicious sore at the corner of his lips? BTW that sore is probably herpes and you likely got it from one of your “johns”… from what I hear it’s a common hazard in your profession.

  • Chip

    I am disgusted with the McDonnells. What they did was wrong. Of course until their problems were in the public eye, we had no idea that Tim Kaine received $50,000 in gifts. The Times Dispatch eventually covered him too (mildly). Equally disgusting!

      • athynz

        Do you try to be as stupid as athynz? You haven’t quite made it there as yet roger.”

        And yet I’m still much smarter than you David. Smarter, better looking, and I don’t have to work on street corners to earn money.

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