Police release new pictures of missing UVa student Hannah Graham

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teen missingCHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Police released new surveillance pictures of Hannah Elizabeth Graham, as the search continued Monday night for the teen, who they believe went missing on her way home from a party.

The second year University of Virginia student was last heard from on September 13 when she sent a text to friends at about 1:20 a.m. Saturday.

Police said Graham left alone from the party at 14th and Wertland Streets, in an area not from her house which she knew pretty well. Around 45 minutes later police said Hannah texted friends with the message that she was lost in the same area.

Police said she was “fairly well intoxicated.”

"On Sunday, her friends and family realized that none of them had seen or had contact with her since Friday night and a call was placed to the Emergency Communications Center by her friends, reporting her missing," said Charlottesville Police Captain Gary Pleasants.

Sophia Lamrissi-Garcia spent last Friday night partying not far from her friend Hannah, at one of her sorority events.

She thought about walking home alone but she opted not to, she said. “Don’t know why, but I decided to take a cab.”

Police said Graham decided to find her way home, alone.

These pictures released by police are of Graham in her apartment building, around 9:30 p.m., the Friday she went missing. At the request of her family the address is not being released.

“At that point in the night you think you're doing the right thing walking alone but it's not always the right decision to make,” Sophia said.

The police presence and search team have startled students, some who say they are having a difficult time coming to grips with Graham’s disappearance.

“I saw her on Thursday...she seemed really happy,” said neighbor Sam Blum, who is also on the ski team with Graham.“…Downtown Charlottesville, I wouldn't expect that.”

The Charlottesville Police department, Albemarle County Police department and Virginia State Police are all searching for Graham.

Police described the 18-year-old Northern Virginia native as a 5'11" white female with a  skinny build. She has blue eyes, light brown hair and freckles. Graham was last seen wearing a black crop top with mesh cut outs.

Anyone with information about Graham was asked to call Charlottesville Police Department at 434-970-3280 or CrimeStoppers at 434-977-4000.


  • Glen Allen

    My God, the horrible thoughts that go thru a mind when you hear a story like this. Please do not let your friends walk alone after dusk. I pray that if anyone is holding this young lady against her will, that they will let her go. They can tie her up in a remote location, hit the road and notify the authorities as to where they can find her. Prayers for the young lady, her family, and friends.

    • NightOwl

      I’m 110% pro-2nd amendment & concealed carry. However, a person who is planning to become “fairly well intoxicated” at a party should not be carrying, concealed or otherwise. Even if they chose to do so, being in a “fairly well intoxicated” state would negate any advantages carrying would offer, not to mention the likelihood they would be placing themselves and others in danger from errant fire if they tried to use their sidearm in that condition.

      • Ur making CC-ers look bad!

        Thank you Nightowl, well said! Cuz that was dumb. I sure wouldn’t want to party with Drunk Conceal Carry Guy up there, jeez!

    • Sam

      WhoCares …. truly stupid and irresponsible people like yourself are the reason all guns should be banned like in most civilized countries.

      • Chuck Ferullo

        I, too, struggle with anger towards the NRA and the second-amendment reasoning, but I have found that being respectful of the person to whom I’m writing or speaking yields a more favorable result than insults, which just drive the the parties with the opposing points of view further apart. This is how polarization happens, and no good comes of it. When one side seems all wrong (“stupid”) and the other (my side, of course) all right, then usually something is being missed. This is one reason why a split Congress gets little done. Treat them as if they were a valued friend with whom you’re disagreeing, and you may both learn something useful, trust me.

  • Christine

    This reminds me of Morgan Harrington’s disappearance, no? Same area, young female walking alone late at night, possibly intoxicated? Prayers for her family and safe return!

  • Adam

    I’m on the VCU campus. Can’t speak for UVA area but whenever I went out and decided to “walk home”. I RAN or atleast a good paced jog…. sometimes from far in the fan. It wasn’t fun but it kept nut jobs away.

    • Tar Zan

      This is a smart thing to do for all. Avoid contact with any people at night if you are at all uneasy about the situation. Sprinting away never fails. Choose safety over courtesy

  • nateog

    things that i am thinking.
    1. if she was kidnapped, the kidnapper could texted from her phone to make it look like she was lost
    2. not her fault but never ever leave a party alone. friends also shouold never let a friend leave alone.

  • G W

    Someone should offer personal security escorts for people at risk. Hiring a bonded body guard for an escort would be something that many willing parents would gladly pay for.

  • Ellen

    Lisa who cares what your daughter would wear. The point is the girl is missing. Can’t you have any
    Sympathy for the family..if it was your child you wouldn’t act like that.instead of being judgemental on people you should be praying for her. The world is like it is because of people like you. You need to get God in your life and maybe you wouldn’t say such cruel things. How would you feel if your daughter was missing and instead of saying I’m praying for her no you worry about what she is wearing.

    • Belsma

      Lisa removed her comment and I agree with what you said and what she was wearing or drinking has nothing to do that she may have been a victim of a crime, which some people are implying. Also, how in the world do you control what your “adult” child wears while she/he is away at college? SMH. Some parents just live in a bubble.

  • Tammy

    Coincidence? Morgan’s shirt was found on a bush by a row of apartments near 15th NW @ Grady. 5 blocks away from Hannah’s last known location @ 14th NW & Wertland. Morgan reportedly was intoxicated. Morgan was walking alone…in the dark. I pray that they find this child….. embarrassed, hung over and healthy.

  • Mike Burns

    Where were her FRIENDS?? I’m talking about the other female college students that were at the same party! Ladies…practice some responsibility for yourselves AND your friends!!

  • Kirsten Olson

    I, like Tammy, pray that they find Hannah” … embarrassed, hung over and healthy.” She’s a young woman doing typical things (not necessarily safe) early in her college years. Her friends aren’t to blame. Her parents aren’t to blame. Praying for her and for those who love and care for her. This could have been either of my daughters or even me at one point in time. I HOPE this ends up with Hannah being okay.

  • Nina

    Wondering why she didn’t call saferide – they’ve personally driven me and my friends home a couple of times. But, she was intoxicated, so.

  • Abundant Harvest

    There are so many failures here… who provided alcohol to an 18 year old… where is campus police during these parties… where is campus or Charlottesville police for the 45 minutes or more she was walking around town intoxicated… no patrols in college town from midnight to 2AM… who are these “friends” she texted who witnessed her drinking and did not take the drinks away or refuse to let her leave alone… who is the coach of the softball team and was this a party with fellow athletes… this is an all too common theme around UVA and it astonishes me that a 18 year old girl could be roaming the streets intoxicated for almost an hour with not a single person or cop stopping her and getting her to jail or home. UVA needs to get control on their community and Charlottesville needs to arrest these students and adults running these parties. My daughter will NOT be going to UVA, William and Marry sound much better, or Liberty where there is a Dry Campus strictly enforced.

  • Kally

    I think what’s more important is that we stop trying to put a bandaid over this issue by telling girls how to protect themselves and start getting to the source which is that we need to start telling boys that they are not entitled to women and/or their bodies and committing violence in any way is out of the question! Violence against women should not be made into a women’s problem. Let’s start teaching our sons how to treat women, and if you are a man that treats women with respect, than make sure you call out the men who don’t and let them know that is wrong!! Jesus how many more abductions and domestic violence cases do we need to happen before people realize this!!!

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