Dad sobs, admits mistake that 2-year-old son was able to sneak away

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Sean Rose said he was home with his son when his fiance had left the house Saturday, September 6 to turn in a job application.

"I got up, went out and locked the front door and my son was asleep in his bed," said Rose.

Rose said he went and laid back down and fell asleep.

Not long after, he said his roomates at the time left,  and the chain on the door was left unlocked.

While he fell back asleep, Rose said his two-year-old son somehow got out of the house. He said someone saw his son outside just a ways down from his home and called Chesterfield Police.

"They told me my son had gotten out," said Rose. "That's the feeling where your heart drops, it just goes straight down to your feet."

Rose was charged with abuse and neglect of a child, which is a felony. Now, he said he can't see his son.

"I can't come home to my own son because he got out of the house...he just wanted to have fun, he's an adventurous little boy," said Rose.

He says he has this message for any parent. "If your son is asleep, if your daughter is asleep, go in and give them a hug," said Rose. "Because I can't hug my son right now."

Rose said that he's not trying to downplay the situation, and wants people to know he loves and cares for his son.

"These are serious things that have happened," said Rose. "These are things that no parent should have to go through and should prevent."

Rose said his next court date is October 22.


  • Robin RN

    In the early 80’s, I was living in San Diego when my husband and I were suddenly awakened by a very loud banging on our front door. It was 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning. When we sleepily opened the door we were astonished to find 2 police officers holding our 2 1/2 year old son. They asked if he lived here. We said yes and asked how they got him. Apparently, they found him walking down the street (a busy avenue in downtown San Diego) in his pajamas. When we asked our son how he got out he said he climbed up on his chair, unlocked and climbed out the ground floor window in his bedroom, out on to our old clothes dryer awaiting pickup and was going down the street to the corner market where the owner always gave him candy when we shopped there. Needless to say we were horrified!! The police officers were actually amused and amazed that our toddler son was able to tell them his name, his parents names and show them where he lived AND that he was able to get out of our locked and secured home. No charges were filed and we did not lose our son due to neglect. We did apply a device so he couldn’t do that trick anymore.

    Sometimes, kids can be quite mischievous. Mine certainly was! I do not feel parents should be arrested and kids taken into custody without a thorough investigation first because kids do what kids do.

    • jenny

      I completely agree! Too quick is law enforcement to throw the book at parents, judging them quite severely before finding out all the facts. This man should NOT be charged with a felony. He did nothing wrong. Why can’t people understand that kids DO these things without our knowledge and that we have to be glad that they are found safe and sound, and we have to TEACH them that they can’t be doing things like this. What bothers me is that this guys neighbor called police, knowing full well whose child it was yet not alerting the dad instead. At least, that’s how the article seemed to be written. What’s wrong with THAT person? I pray for this family, that they can be reunited very soon.

      • Epiglotus Jones

        I’m completely serious. Women always get the sweet deal. Ray Rice for example, was spit on attacked, he defended himself and now his wife is claiming “victim” status.

      • Morning Dew

        You know what a man should do in that case? He should wait until he can get off the elevator and leave her. Divorce her, never look back. You know what he should not do? He should not knock her unconscious.

      • Belsma

        His wife is not playing the “victim”, she is standing by her man which in my opinion is stupid. Does not matter what a woman does, you do not punch her out and drag her around after she’s knocked out! Go get some help Jones! Geesh.

    • Shaft

      freakin pigs these days… they get promoted on the number of court cases they bring in… how is this making society better place to live .. no concept of greater good.

  • chica

    He gets charged with a felony after ONE incident. Not long ago, there was a woman who had the same thing happen to her child, but it took THREE times of the same incident to occur before charges were filed. This is messed up.

    • Tana

      you sound like a “shit” stirrer to me Mr Jones,,,if you really dont have anything constructive to contribute why don’t you crawl back under that rock..the parents are out there doing the best they can,,,and heaven forbid you are raising an inquisitive smart child, who figured out how to “get to the candy store”,,,what could have been a teachable moment for the family, turned into their worse nightmare,,,,oh no Mr Jones that would be your heartless comments

    • Robin RN

      This is simply not true. Obviously, you are a very bitter human of the lowest kind but the fact is many fathers do gain custody of the children and the house in a divorce. Perhaps you didn’t get anything and have to pay alimony because you’re mean and verbally abusive?

      Also, regarding your post in response to my story: “You sound like a horrible parent. I imagine you’ve divorced your husband by now and are living in a house he paid for and getting alimony and child support”; this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve never depended on a man to take care of me. My husband and I both had careers and separate bank accounts until he passed away a couple of years ago.

      I suggest you get professional help Mr. Jones.

    • athynz

      How many screen names is this Timmay? How do you think you are fooling anyone when your mentality on women and minorities just oozes out of every post you make?

    • David

      athynz … yet again you have commented on the poster rather than the article. Nor did you add any new information about the poster… see Pam’s comment a day before yours. No, Timmy’s comments have a misogynist bent (look it up), but do not have any racist bias. yet again you play loose with the facts in another attempt to portray yourself as a “big” and “honorable” man. In truth you are merely an ‘Eddie Haskell’ type, self-centered blow hard, and common idiot.

  • a good mother

    I’ll never forget my daughter doing this she was about 3 we had just moved into a townhouse she was always trying go outside because she liked to play under the trees behind our row of 6 town houses. I had a heavy bar in the back sliding door so she couldn’t get out it & put a chain lock on the top of the front Door as well. I got a call from my neighbor one morning @ 6am asking me if I knew where she was I was like she’s sleeping in her bed still, Mr neighbour said nope look out your window, there she was running up & down sidewalk behind the house in her underwear trying to get in back gate to the trees. My heart fell! When I got her in & asked her to show me how she got out I admit I was impressed. She had taken a small cube chair put a round laundry basket on top of it upside down with a beach ball inside basket, stood on this to reach the upper chain lock. I couldn’t believe it, kids are way smarter then we give them credit for! This was in 97 & I was very lucky she was ok & no authorities were called. I did learn to pull a heavy table I had sitting beside door in front of it every night though to make sure she didn’t escape again!

    • Jofo

      “I did learn to pull a heavy table I had sitting beside door in front of it every night though to make sure she didn’t escape again!”
      That increased your chances of dying in a fire. Child abuse and neglect!!1

      • jenny

        Your attitude proves that parents are screwed no matter what: if they dont do enough to keep their kids in the house, they are accused child neglect. If they go to all lengths TO keep the child in the house, they are then told they are creating a fire hazard. While what you say is true in part, what the hell are we supposed to do if our children are that smart? We can’t all afford sophisticated alarm systems that blare if the door is opened. And if even if we did, the child would find another avenue by which to go outside: the window, a side door that isn’t armed, or he would key in the combination after watching the adults closely for weeks. They ARE smart, and the parents shouldn’t be charged with a crime unless an actual crime was committed. Period.

  • john

    so if your white and your kid gets out you get the book thrown at you,if your black like we have seen 3-5 times just this year in the city your child is returned to you and no charges filed.this is wrong,at this point they are just charging whites with crimes to even out the stats.Guess eric holders letter to law enforcement last year is making a difference.Reverse racism at its finest.

    • anonymous

      You are so right!!! Making us whites look like a bunch of criminals when the world knows who the real criminals are. This world is becoming more and more of a disaster! !!

      • demetrius

        and besides youe argument went down the toilet. The fact is the story John told happened to a white mother. so now what?

    • demetrius

      What? ???? The lady whose child was returned over and over when he was found wandering Broad St was white! !!!! Get your facts straight. I will pull the story if you need me to. Racist dummies you are, Needless to say.

      • anonymous

        Racist? No I’m pretty far from it I’ve got a mixed brother and a bunch of nieces and nephews. Truth is truth. The world is pretty screwy! I hate that my daughter has to grow up in such a messed world.

      • demetrius

        “Making us whites look like a bunch of criminals when the world knows who the real criminals are.” So your nieces, nephews and brother are criminals?

      • Pam

        That’s right Demetrius!!! What about the white girl that left her baby in the car to do hair, she only got probation. NO JAIL TIME DUMB A$$ JOHN & ANONYMOUS!!!

  • Bonnie Sue Collins

    There is always that one child who will find a way and the parent will pay the price the laws in this country have gone to HELL . and the freedom is gone you just have to OBEY THEY RULES AS THEY MAKE THEY UP

  • leon's dad

    “Defending himself” means knocking someone – and this was his own wife – out who definitely does not have close to his stength out??? – PLEEZE give me a break Mr. Jones. And what does Rice do at home to her or perhaps his kids?

  • Tina

    So Ray Rice is the man!! & U make me sick Jones!! I have 2 boys.(MEN) both have gotten the nasty end of the stick. BOTH!! Have been raise NOT to put your hands on a woman. A real man doesn’t. They have no respect for them selves & are P*****S So this guy did get a bad deal here.I watched my 2 yr old scoot out of the bed with me. Very gently dropped to the floor.Crawled up the back of a chair, Stood up,unchained the door, scooted down,bounced on the seat,to the floor & unlock the knob.I had to add restrains to my door jams.Unbelievable!!! I cherish that moment.

  • pats

    It’s ridiculous to charge this father with a felony if this is the first time it’s happened. Even then, kids moved fast when they’re determined to do something. My cousin use to lock her wandering 2 year old in his room at night but I’m sure the police would have a problem with that too. If this goes to court, hope I can get on the jury so I can vote not guilty and a waste of the courts time.

  • randaldiazgraves

    His fiance is my cousin. I’ve met the dude a handful of times and I’m a pretty good judge of character. He’s a good dude. I truly don’t believe that this is intentional. Parents make mistakes and unfortunately, this situation could happen to ANYONE OF US with young children! I believe Chesterfield County Police Department has rushed too quickly and put charges on him that are a bit too much. If there were previous Child Endangerment charges against him, I’d understand for the harsh penalty against him… Like I said, this could happen to anyone of us and accidents do happen. Even to the Officers to arrived on the scene.

  • Paula

    Epiglotus you are so caveman. Even if she did spilt in his face he didn’t had to knock her out. His face probably needed a washing anyway.

    • Epiglotus Jones


      You strike me as an attention-pig who lives in a state of denial. Once a woman starts swinging, she’s no longer a woman, she’s a combatant. She got what she deserved.

  • Paula

    This man getting a felony but the girl that left her child in the car and die when her neck got catch in the window is walking away free. Our laws can be so backward sometime.

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