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This play teaches kids to break the cycle of bullying

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RICHMOND, Va - Author and Playwright Ayana Sala Baugh and Caroline High School Principal Jeff Wick stopped by the studio to share details about her new play “I Am Not Afraid,” based on the main character of her children’s book series, “Loopiethotomus, the Chihuahua Who Thinks He is a Hippopotamus.” The play focuses on the ‘break the cycle’ message to ‘STOP little bullies before they become BIG ones,” to try to teach preschool through elementary school children that it’s not nice or cool to bully. Catch ‘I Am Not Afraid’ on stage Friday, September 19th at 7pm and again on Saturday, September 20th at 1pm.  Both shows will be held at the Caroline County Community Center in Milford, Virginia.  For more information visit and


  • R Moffett

    This may well help with prevention of bullying with very young children. The problem with older ones who’ve already developed the mindset that bullying is OK will not begin to be solved until excessively politically correct school administrators extract their heads from the sand, begin to clearly express and enforce the expectation of civil behavior, cease to make excuses for bullies and those who feel recreational violence is OK, and involve law enforcement where other measures have failed. Likewise, parents must be held accountable, in a court of law if necessary, for the violence of their students.and the parents failures to exercise parental control.

    There are far too many elementary, middle school, and high school aged thugs in today’s society and misguided educators’ and parents’ attitudes enable and facilitate it as does the constant barrage of violence and uncivil behavior in the content of what passes for “entertainment” in movies, book, and tv.

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