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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Police have arrested two men accused of robbing and beating  Earl Spencer Jr. while the 74-year-old man opened Spencer's gas station on Centralia Road on New Year's Day.

Mark R. Kelly Jr., 25, and Glenn R. Francis, 35, have each been indicted with malicious wounding, robbery, brandishing a firearm and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, Chesterfield Police said.

Glenn R. Francis (PHOTO: Chesterfield Police)

Glenn R. Francis (PHOTO: Chesterfield Police)

It turns out a cashed-in stolen lottery tickets helped police with their eight-month-old investigation into the crime.

While Spencer said he did not know the man who attacked him, a multi-jurisdictional grand jury indictment has spelled it out: the suspect knew an employee and it all may have been an inside job.

Who could forget the picture?  A Chesterfield business owner bloodied, beaten and robbed of thousands of dollars in deposits on New Year’s Day.

earl spencer

"The girls at MCV told me I was lucky to still be here,” Spencer, 74, said.

He said because of the beating, he no longer conducts business as usual.

"I've changed the way I do stuff," he said. "I haven't been going to the store.  Somebody else does it now."

Detectives told Spencer about the arrests in his case earlier in the week.

"They've worked long and hard on it and I appreciate that they've made indictments," Spencer said.

"It’s finally good to see some justice.  Earl didn't deserve the whippin’ he got,” neighbor David Fricke said.

The indictment stated the two men had a connection to an employee.  Investigators said their story began to unravel when detectives followed a trail of cashed-in and stolen lottery tickets.

Fricke said he's glad their luck ran out.

"It's great,” he said.  “It’s about time.  I figured it was somebody up to no good and hiding out for him."

According to the indictment, a prepaid cell phone also helped police connect the dots in this case.

Spencer said he had been making morning deposit runs for more than 30 years, something any employee would surely have known.



  • Rosa Johnson

    well, at least we know what kind of low-life scum he is. a 35 year old man that beats up a 70 something year old man is the lowest kind of scum. I hope he get attempted murder charge.

  • terri

    another scum bag brought to us by a mother who did nothing to raise her little gov check.thanks mom and “baby daddy” for another gift.Next time use some of your monthly to get some birth control rather then new hair

    • kimberly

      B%TCH, do you say that sh%t when your white trash rob people?! White women are NOT the best moms. They raise plenty of trash themselves. Dont be so one sided you dumb b%tch!

      Anyway, these guys deserve whatever they have coming to them. Like Rosa stated above besides being wrong regardless of age, that is even more sick to do that to an old guy.

    • maria

      Terri, were these government checks?? Are youthanking the mom and baby daddy in this case too??
      This was copied from a news story on this site from today.

      A man walking down Jefferson Davis Highway was robbed by two men early Wednesday morning, police said. The victim told officers he was cornered by two men, one armed with a handgun and the other a baseball bat.

      The incident happened around midnight near the 10000 block of Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield, police said. The victim was not injured. police said the robbers fled towards the city with the victim’s property.

      Police released a description of the two suspects:

      •The first suspect (with the gun) is a white male, about 5’11” inches tall, has a thin build and was wearing jeans and a dark hooded sweatshirt.
      •The second suspect (with the bat) is a white male, approximately 5’5″ inches tall, has facial hair and was wearing light colored jeans and a long sleeved shirt.

      • mike

        lets play dumalishi. Are you saying more people of a certain race doing it deserves bashing while the others get pass? Dont think so pal!

      • manalishi

        Bwaaaa! Desreves? No “chump”. I believe hang all violent offenders. So who would get hung more than others? The reason for the ratio aspect isn’t my problem or opinion, just fact.. If your offended by your perception of said “problem”,or it seems unfair, rest assured it’s still your problem.

        Tell me “chump”, Did the pike victim look as roughed up as the victim of the attempted murder pointed out in this article?

  • Paula

    Tinymind Terri you are so dumb. The way a person turn out as nothing to do with the parents all the time. I have seen kids come from the best home with both parents, goes to church every week but when they leave home they have a mind of their own. From the way you sound that is probably what went wrong in your family.

    • Daddy's girl

      @ Paula, I totally agree with you!!! @ Terri, did your parents raise you correctly???!!!!…. Stop blaming parents for what bad decisions their children make!!! In my opinion whether you’re from low income or high income families; they all do similar things! @ Terri, I bet you have a family member who has did something that’s just as bad… maybe even you!!!! The world is full of lots of people who do disgusting things no one race is EXCLUDED!!! I just hope that no one in your family ever does something as horrible as this and gets CAUGHT… because I would like to hear your excuse for them!!!…. And another thing did your parent(s) raise you to be an IDIOT????

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