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Janay Rice defends husband Ray Rice after NFL suspends football star for domestic violence

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Janay and Ray Rice

Janay and Ray Rice

BALTIMORE — Janay Rice, wife of suspended NFL player Ray Rice who was released by the Baltimore Ravens, apparently posted a statement Tuesday on Instagram calling the situation a “nightmare.”



“To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass off for all his life just to gain ratings is a horrific (sic),” she wrote. The actions against Ray Rice were taken Monday after a video surfaced showing him knocking her out with a punch in February.

The Instagram post, reported by various media, appeared to be authentic.

This is a developing story.


    • Slawson

      Apparently you haven’t had the unfortunate opportunity to be in a position of an abuse victim. I will not argue with someone just because I disagree with their analysis. Unless you have walked my journey you can’t step into my shoes. I will agree with your feedback regarding being a gold digger however. She sees dollar signs.

    • guest13579

      Ugh, exactly what I was thinking. People don’t understand the mindset of an abuse victim. Just the fact that she keeps publicly apologizing and defending him speaks volumes here as to what’s likely really going on behind closed doors. She’s justifying his actions, but there is no excuse for what happened in that elevator. Ever. Publicity and being a role model are big parts of playing for the NFL, and ultimately Rice should have remembered that and known better. He should have realized that by being a public figure, the eye is on him at all times and if he has an anger problem that would cause him to donkey punch her like that then it was his responsibility to address that and get help well before an incident happened. I don’t feel sorry for Rice at all. He made his own bed. People don’t just snap like that, I think his temper was an ongoing issue that he just failed to address before it was too late. So let this be a lesson to everyone out there, if you have an anger problem go get help BEFORE you lose everything.
      Either that or his wife is just a golddigger who’s really upset that her lifestyle is about to drastically change…

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      Did you also spit and slap your partner before your partner hit you? If you answer no, then you are agreeing she is not an abuse victim but someone who committed assault and got what was coming to her. Women don’t get free passes to spit on and further assault people.

      • Melissa Owens Gressman

        No Dustin. The proper response to a spit and slap is to walk away and NEVER have contact with her again. Then he would still be employed and have the respect of his colleagues and fans.

  • kathy kinsey

    She was his fiance’ when it happened, yet she still married him. She is fortunate that she didn’t hit her head and ended up with a fatal injury-or paralyzed for life. Domestic abuse victims blame themselves for their spouse’s abuse. She needs help. It’s time to accept him for the person he,is an get on with life. They both need professional help. To act like nothing happened that day shows they are both in denial about the incident.

  • A Wilson

    Of course she’s upset. Now when she ultimately divorces him, her 50% takeaway from the settlement will be substantially less. Do not think for one second that she’s not in this for the money.

  • mbaker9105

    No one should be assaulted like that, but it seems she isn’t worried about anything except her lavish lifestyle. Such a high horse tweet, a Crime is a Crime, what doesn’t she get about THAT? Got news for you lady, you can’t take that money with you. And still so desperate and holding out hope for that next chance at some money. Let’s see how long she stays around if he gets thrown in jail and banned from the NFL. She’ll probably sue for divorce and grab as much money as she can on the way out. And apparently the NFL, Casino, and other authorities “hid” the elevator tape? And what a little man he is. Big tough guy. All this type of behavior seems to start in College, and the Colleges and Alumni are to blame when they begin overlooking criminal activity because they want their team to win.

  • Tana

    Thats fine , the next time he “decks” you like that and you dont wake up,,what will the world say then?? that something should have been done,,and mark my words Mrs Rice,,there will be a next time

  • Tina

    Well do you think she’ll leave him?? No!!! She married him after he abused her. If this is typical thinking of an abused victim how do you think she’s feeling now.Better yet what is he doing to her for this.No one is going to force this women to get help.The NFL should have done something in the beginning. They should have FORCED help upon this family in order not to have ruin him. They would have excepted help with no choice.This may have helped them.The media caused this. The NFL did this to save face.

  • Frederica Brown

    Well all yall are tripping! Why are you feeling outrage for a woman “victim” that feels none! Why is everybody mad except the woman? I”m not wasting 1 iota of outrage on her behalf when she is not outraged herself!

  • TS

    So she is mad for the NFL doing the right thing in an effort to defend her…. So sad how domestic abuse victims fall into that. Most likely it is continuing. She made the mistake of marrying him after he did it and now alienating any support from the public. Praying she gets help before he hits her so bad she doesnt wake up….

  • Glen Allen

    What this woman does not understand is that this situation is not about “her”, it is about domestic violence. Her husband may well be a good athlete, but his actions show a horrible man that children should not look up to. If this woman is okay with being abused like that, she needs to realize that the rest of us humans are not okay with it, and we do not treat women (or men) this way, and we do not want some loser football player’s wife telling them that it is okay. It is clearly not okay, and it is too bad the guy will have to go get a “real” job now.

    • kim

      well said, that it is now about her. she’s not looking at the big picture of why he was banned. She is only looking at how it affects her.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        He was suspended because a woman spit and slapped him and he gave her what she as a person deserved in response. A lesson why you can’t just put your hands on people.

  • Cletus Jones

    For all of you yammering about being survivors, of course you’re a survivor, and a proud victim too! All women want that coveted “victim” status, that way they can get child support, alimony, and the mortgage paid for while the hubby works two jobs to provide it all. As an added bonus, you can play the sympathy card too. That how it works. In fact, the definition of abuse is greatly expanded now so that you can get your hubby tossed in jail on a mere allegation. No wonder so many men are looking for foreign brides online. American women tend to be gold-diggers, so none of this is a surprise.

  • Paula

    All I got to say is she is a #### fool. Do money mean that much to her that she willing to lose her life. He has no job now and he is really going to beat her this time.

  • O.J. Simpson

    It’s too bad Janay isn’t white ! If she was, every black person on the planet would be backing Ray Rice and the video would be seen as a comedy skit. Heck he could have murdered her on camera and black folks would be rushing to buy his jersey. Just like they did with me ; )

  • Bernhard Goetz

    Even better could you imagine the “outrage” from the black community if Ray Rice was white and Janay was black ?!?! Al , Jesse and Eric “America’s top racist” Holder would be on the next plane and the justice department would be conducting a “special investigation” ….

  • Debbie Hundley

    She will probably be dead in the near future. Since I’m sure he is so mad about not be able to play ball and no income. He certainly will be pounding on her again. It’s a shame that women and man cannot see that they are being abused and possibly could be killed. So sad!!

  • Rae Weatherford

    He was totally wrong for knocking her out, however, I have seen many women that are totally abusive to men, get up in their face, spit on them cuss them, dare them to hit them, and when they get hit yell victim! ENOUGH ALREADY :(

  • Paula

    Oj & bernhard somebody must have knock you out because both of you sound like you got brain damage. Race has noting to do with this. It about a woman of any race should NOT stand by a man that abuse her for no reason.

  • wiseman

    Dustin you have let us know that you are woman beater and you think it is ok. Is that because your mother wasn’t allow to speak her mind and your daddy beat your mother?

  • Cletus Jones

    Sometimes a woman needs a smack in the head, let’s not kid ourselves. As general rule, women lack accountability and tend to be gold-diggers. If a woman spits on a man, she deserves a smack in the head. If a woman ever spits on me, that’s exactly what she’ll get.

  • Dorothy

    Unfortunately, the only words she is speaking is the words” of a domestic violence victim, and also an :”aggressor” . I am saying she is an aggressor in the video because she displayed signs of being one (spitting, hitting back) that does not indicate that she always has been; watch the video closely, as he lays hands on her previous to her doing any action.. That still does not whatsoever give ANY man just cause to EVER knock out a woman EVER!! Why would any man think it would be alright to literally punch a woman in the face is beyond me! Then his actions afterwards are equally disturbing, he uses his feet to move her out of the way, like she is a piece of trash!! This woman “Janay Rice” truly needs to watch this video herself over and over again, to see how much this man really “loves” her. He does NOT! This is not a display of LOVE, and I promise you, this is NOT the first time, such action of” LOVE” has occurred, previous to this video, or after this video…is it “Janay Rice”? NO, it is not. To care, or have concern for what DOMESTIC VIOLENCE means, or stands for, one must first admit they have a problem, and or want to leave. What they do not do is this: “Display false representation of WE will get help, and face our issue of domestic violence together, and then when something does not benefit them, THEY blame others like the media, and other sources for their problems when things do NOT suit them; that is a typical “abuser” mentality! How many times will it take for you to get hit in the face “Janay Rice” before you say ENOUGH!! Do you honestly think it will stop now??? NO! NOW, it will become worse!!!!! GET OUT!!!!!

    • Epiglotus Jones

      She spit on him and attacked him and he defended himself. Did I miss anything? Some women need a punch in the head.

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